Wrestlemania 27: 11 Things Missing from the Granddaddy of Them All

Stuart Broughton@@SLBroughton92Contributor IIIApril 1, 2011

Wrestlemania 27: 11 Things Missing from the Granddaddy of Them All

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    Wrestlemania 27
    Wrestlemania 27

    It is now just three days and counting till the big event, and fans all around the world are ready to watch the finest the WWE has to offer! The Rock, Stone Cold, Trish Stratus, John Cena, Alberto Del Rio, Edge, Christian, The Miz and many more!

    However, is this the finest the WWE has to offer? Is there more they can do to please the fans? and if so what?

    This article will look at into things that the WWE has missed out on that would either boost the PPV buy-rate or just make the event as a whole a lot better. Some are obvious and have been stated many a time, whilst others are simply ideas swimming around in my head.

    So without further ado, let's begin the slideshow.

Chris Jericho

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    Chris 'Y2J' Jericho
    Chris 'Y2J' JerichoEthan Miller/Getty Images

    Last year, Chris Jericho main-evented WrestleMania with the Royal Rumble Winner Edge, yet this year he is no where to be found. Well okay, he is a few channels over on "Dancing with the Stars," and while I say "good for him" on wanting to branch out and try a hand at something different, he will be sorely missed from the Wrestlemania Card. His performance last year was near perfect, and his work the year before against three (past) legends wasn't to shabby either, so its a shame that he isn't around.

    Say he was around, though. What could would we have expected him to do? Well in my opinion, there would of only been one realistic option, and that would be to get revenge on Randy Orton for putting him out of action. But if you ask a lot of the IWC, they wouldn't of minded a normal or submission match against Daniel Bryan to open the show. Now that would be one hell of a start to Wrestlemania!

Money in the Bank

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    Money in the Bank (Wrestlemania 25)
    Money in the Bank (Wrestlemania 25)

    For the past few years, the opening contest at Wrestlemania has been the Money in the Bank ladder match, and it has had some incredibly exciting moments to it. Sure, it's full of botches and the winners haven't done much with their title reigns, but it is one hell of a way to open a show. It gets fans on their feet with some pure wrestling, some high flying moves and even some good ol' hardcore thrown in.

    Though with the new Money in the Bank PPV, there is no longer any need for such a match. Two contracts have already been given away over the past year (one to Kane and the other to The Miz) so why give out another? But then this leaves an empty hole where mid-carders such as Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Drew McIntyre, Ted DiBiase and more could make their mark, where now they have to settle for smaller roles or not even taking part!

    Can you really believe the likes of Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre don't have matches for Wrestlemania, despite being such a huge part of the Smackdown brand?


    Me neither.

Legitimate Celebrity

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    Wrestling isn't the only thing Wrestlemania is about (funny how you wouldn't think that). Celebrities also play a huge part in it.

    Wrestlemania 1 was built around the idea of Wrestling going hand in hand with celebrities, and was a huge success because of it. Year after year, the amount of celebrities used in the big event has declined, and this year it has appeared to of hit an all-time low.

    Snooki, the main attraction of TV's biggest thing "Jersey Shore," is the big name Vince McMahon has gone for this year, and my god, was that a shocker? For the PG-Era, the WWE has really gone somewhere wrong with its booking if they hired an alcoholic, party animal famous for hitting people (Charlie Sheen). I mean, rumours had it they were trying to get Justin Beiber to make an appearance, which would of made a lot of sense regarding their audience, though it would of been slaughtered by the older fans.

    With Raw having the whole guest host thing going on for the past year or two, you would think they would pick someone successful from the run, such as Bob Barker or Pee Wee Herman. They may not have been big names, but the WWE Universe loved them! Or perhaps The Rock could of used his ties to bring someone in from Hollywood, but no we are stuck with the 4'9" Snooki...

Heel Celebrity

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    David Arquette & Randy Orton
    David Arquette & Randy Orton

    This is an idea I have come up with myself and I believe would be a stroke of genius if the WWE decided to do something like this.

    Three years ago Floyd 'Money' Mayweather had a match against the Big Show at Wrestlemania 24 which had been building up from No Way Out. The idea was that Big Show would be seen as the big guy picking on the little guy and the audience would all cheer for Mayweather. Unfortunately this was not the case. Floyd's arrogance over the next couple of Raws made the fans despise and boo him yet the WWE tried to get him across as a good guy. but it didn't work...

    It is hard to find a celebrity that everyone likes much like it is hard to find a wrestler everyone likes. Whilst it is a lot easier to find a wrestler everyone hates. Introducing David Arquette one of the most hated people in the Pro Wrestling industry and in my opinion one of the greatest heels at McMahon's disposal. At the end of last year he presented a couple a couple of Slammies and ended up in a handicap match with Alex Riley against Randy Orton. Throughout the whole episode he bragged about his WCW championship and generally looked like an idiot. So when it came to Randy Orton slamming him through a table at the end of the night the crowd went nuts!!!

    Every Wrestlemania the Celebrity seems to come out the winner why for once can't they come out as a loser? So i say bring Arquette back for WM 28 and have Stone Cold stunner him to oblivion!!!

Match Build Up

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock (Wrestlemania 17)
    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock (Wrestlemania 17)

    The one thing that can turn an average match performance wise into the greatest match memory wise is its build up!

    Take a look at the main event of Wrestlemania 17 if you don't believe me. Don't slander me for saying it but The Rock vs Stone Cold wasn't the best match of the night but my god was it the most memorable one! The promos showing the Rock and Stone Cold preparing for their match up was iconic! and as for the promo video that set up their match up is without doubt a historic piece of footage thanks to superb editing and Limp Bizkit's song. The two months prior to the match the two had been going back and forth with twists and turns without ever boring the fans setting up for a great climax to their rivalry.

    Now lets go forward to Wrestlemania 27 and see the vast difference in build up. John Cena vs The Miz seems to be built around The Rock more than the two actually competing in the match. Edge vs Del Rio is over shadowed by the rivalry between Del Rio and Christian. CM Punk vs Randy Orton has been stale and boring for a good month now. And as for Bryan vs Sheamus it looks like they are only having a match to avoid missing out on the event completely. It's ridiculous even last year had at least one match built up well (Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker II).

    If WWE wants us to get excited for Wrestlemania they first have to give us reason too the only reason we have at the moment is to watch The Rock do what he does best 'Layeth the Smackdown'

Memorable Match Up

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    The Greatest Match of All Time?
    The Greatest Match of All Time?

    Sure there is Undertaker vs Triple H but the problem with this is Shawn Michaels. Both Wrestlemania 25 and 26 will always be remembered for Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker so how do you follow up to that? Putting it simply, you can't. I believe this match up go down in history as a match that failed to follow what came before it and why i think it won't be a memorable match.

    As for the other main events we have John Cena, the face of the company, against The Miz, a man who most people believe doesn't deserve to be a champion let alone a champion going into wrestlemania. And Edge, a solid main-eventer, against Alberto Del Rio, a man WWE are trying to push as the next big thing. Neither of these competitions scream ICONIC!!! The one match that could of lived up to this title was Randy Orton, the other face of the company, against CM Punk, The Heel of the Company. Though with its dire storyline, lack of title and being stuck in the middle of the match card its not likely it will gain that little 'UMFF' to make it a historic encounter.

    Although we've seen it many times before a John Cena vs Randy Orton event would do that especially as they are both invincible and both the face of the company. It would be very interesting to see who would come out on top with neither one attempting to cheat.... which seems like the only reason either wrestler seems to lose

Decent Booking of Mid-Carders

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    Kofi Kingston & Drew McIntrye
    Kofi Kingston & Drew McIntrye

    As I mentioned earlier the exclusion of the MITB match has left many talented superstars with nothing to do at Wrestlemania. This will most likely leave them with the only option of competing in a battle royal dark match which pretty much means nothing. Look at last years winner Yoshi Tatsu what has he done since then? Kiss Maryse... okay that is pretty good! But apart from that nothing. So unless there is a rush booking on this weeks Smackdown or an on the night match to take part for no reason the likes of Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntrye, Evan Bourne and more with nothing to do...

    But that is not all two of the biggest rising stars this year, John Morrison (future WWE Champion) and Dolph Ziggler (shouldn't of been champion, not for an hour anyway) are stuck in a mixed tag team match. These two could of just been in a match of their own for one of the secondary titles and would of probably stolen the show, leaving the Snooki match to rot and be forgotten. But instead they are forced into a contest which will most likely waste their abilities and their time.

    Then we move onto Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan, where I'm pretty much nit picking, when I say this is a very big mismatch... Sheamus has been trying to prove himself as a solid main eventer for the past two or so years now yet he is the US champion, the secondary championship. Whilst Daniel Bryan is known more for his amazing technical skills than his prestige in the WWE. Sheamus should of been booking against a high profiled face to try and build his reputation whilst Bryan should be paired with an equally as talented heel to open the event with a fantastic technical match!

    Don't even get me started on Jack Swagger

Divas or Tag Team Match

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    Kelly Kelly
    Kelly Kelly

    There is a mixed gender tag match and a eight man tag match but there is no old fashioned divas or tag match on the card. Sure the divas division is terrible as we all know and Michael Cole has been making matters worse by talking over them all but they still deserve their own match. I was personally looking forward to a Kelly Kelly/Trish Stratus vs LayCool to finally end Laycool's grapple on the division. The way Kelly has been improving and the already brilliant Stratus along with the heat LayCool can generate I thought it could be a thoroughly enjoyable match.

    And as for the tag team division the only having decent team around are Slater and Gabriel who have no one really to compete against. I don't mind that there is an eight man tag match, it helps put more superstars on the card but there is a part of me who would like to see a good ol' two on two match for the tag titles. Oh well its not the end of the world.

    (PS was going to put up a better picture but I've already been benched recently don't want to get banned completely)

More Title Matches

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    The Corre look a bit better off than the Nexus
    The Corre look a bit better off than the Nexus

    Out of the six WWE titles only three will be defended on the night and the Divas Champion Eve won't even be present. I find no matter what title it is a match is far more interesting to watch if there is something on the line whether it be a streak, a career or a title. I'm not sure if it is just me but personally i would like to see a rematch between Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston I think having Wade win a singles match at WM will really help his career. But the WWE doesn't think so and that is why the IWC complain about the lack of prestige the titles get nowadays. Think about some of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania History, Macho Man vs Ricky Steamboat, Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon, Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan all featured the Intercontinental title and lets not forget the sensational TLC matches from WM 17 & 18 for the tag titles. I'm not saying title matches are needed to make a regular match interesting but it does help to put that little bit more into a match to have the competitors try that little bit harder to beat their opponent!

John Cena vs Wade Barrett (end of the Nexus)

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    John Cena & Wade Barrett
    John Cena & Wade Barrett

    It seems likes the Nexus storyline has been around forever and no matter how many times the WWE repackages it it will never get back the interest it had when John Cena was involved.

    Sumerslam seems like a long time ago now but bare with me. If the Nexus won making them look stronger it would of led to a much more interesting few months when Cena battled against them. It took up a good chunk of last year and just when Nexus looked like they would get the upper hand Cena would dash it away from them. Most of us thought it would go on forever the constant back and forth or at least till Wrestlemania where the year long feud would finally come to an end between Cena and the Nexus.

    Wade Barrett Vs John Cena (If Cena won the Nexus would disband and if Nexus won Cena would be banned from any WWE event forever)

    Sure sounds predictable but look at the positives:
    1) would keep Cena out of a predictable title match which he would obviously win
    2) would end the Nexus storyline
    3) would help Wade Barrett become the main eventer he deserves to be

    Would of been a good idea if you ask me but just imagine if the Nexus/Cena storyline was still going on till now! The Raw ratings would be at an all time low!!!

David Otunga

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    ME OTUNGA!!!
    ME OTUNGA!!!

    As The Miz would say "REALLY???!"

Alberto Del Rio vs Edge vs Christian (Triple Threat)

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    Bad Ass
    Bad Ass

    At the turn of the year i wrote the following article:


    in i state that the the many Christian lovers in the IWC were wrong about their predictions of Christian winning the Royal Rumble and going on to headline Wrestlemania. And although i don't think he should of won the Royal Rumble I now believe that he should be headlining Wrestlemania in a triple threat match with Alberto Del Rio and Edge.

    The main thing that is keep the fans interested in this storyline is the hatred between Del Rio and Christian whilst Edge is just tagging along because he has too. If Christian was included the match would explode into life and everyone would be happy. Del Rio would still win to keep WWE happy, Christian would turn heel on Edge setting up a rivalry between the two leaving the IWC incredibly happy. It could of been a win/win situation. Yet the WWE missed out.


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    What about next year
    What about next year

    Okay so it may seem like I'm doing a lot of complaining and well you are sort of right but from what the WWE have done wrong they have also done a lot of things right. For one THE ROCK is going to be there who wouldn't be happy about that???

    Lets just hope the night itself pans out well and that the WWE don't make any mistakes because as they know the IWC can be very fussy people!

    See you next year for things missing from Wrestlemania 28!!!