WWE: Some Random Thoughts, Part 3

Peter SchaeferContributor IIMarch 8, 2011

If anyone's still interested, here is part three.

Here is one thing I would love, when Jerry Lawler wins his match at WrestleMania (You didn't think they'd have Michael Cole win?). I hope Cole gets so disgusted that he moves to SmackDown and Josh Matthews becomes permanent on Raw. I like Matthews. He has a good flow with Lawler, because he learned everything he knows from Jim Ross.

I am amazed at the lengths WWE is going to bury and embarrass Sheamus nowadays, from the ridiculous King Sheamus getup (a way of insulting his heritage from what I understood), to losing in under a minute. I really don't like the guy, but come on WWE, the fella is too talented for this treatment.

I think it is more blatant then ever that the WWE doesn't care about the women's division. Even though the Divas Championship has such a low prestige, it used to get defended at pay-per-view time, but now it's defended on Raw every other week. Bring back the Women's Championship, now that had some prestige.

Why is Vince still mad at Christian? Because he's talented? I know he left for TNA, but that was almost seven years ago. I have a felling if he didn't leave, he'd be on the level of his best friend Edge.

I still waiting for John Morrison to be the next superstar like the WWE promised. All he is used for now is spots that no one else can do. I mean the guy lost to (nothing against him) Dolph Ziggler last night. So much for Morrison's push.

I am under the impression that The Rock is going to do the impossible and turn John Cena heel. Cena has dusted off his old rapper gimmick the past few weeks, and I think that's a hint that he may be full-blown heel after WrestleMania. I just wonder if B2 is gonna come back.

I fear that WrestleMania may be the last match for either Triple H or The Undertaker. The WWE is promoting the match as, "If Undertaker's streak dies, he dies, and if Triple H doesn't win, he'll die trying." I take that as a strong hint that someone is going to put their career on the line.

That's all for now, bye!