WWE: What Is the Plan for CM Punk and the New Nexus?

Bryan FloryAnalyst IMarch 8, 2011

Given what seems like the complete destruction of the New Nexus angle, what is going to happen following WrestleMania to the whole faction?

Husky Harris was sent back to FCW, while Mike McGillicuty and David Otunga were punted into oblivion. It now appears that only CM Punk and Mason Ryan will be employing the "Strength-in-numbers" mentality on Raw.

Personally, I see them repackaging McGillicuty as Joe Hennig (Mr. Perfect's son), given that Michael Cole placed a huge amount of emphasis on him being a third generation superstar in his match vs Randy Orton last week on Raw (go back and listen to the commentary. Cole may have said, "third generation" 20 times).

Also, I think that David Otunga needs to go back down to FCW and come back as a babyface, because he clearly needs work in the ring. It has been discussed numerous times that he has the "it" factor, but "it" can only get you so far.

I thought at one point he was going to kill Orton, when he almost dropped him on his head. Plus, he doesn't seem to have the same ruthless aggression that Punk and Ryan have.

As far as CM Punk and Mason Ryan go, I can see a Shawn Michaels/Diesel dynamic developing between them; where you have the cocky leader and the silent bodyguard type that will eventually lead to a feud between the two if Ryan lasts long enough to turn face. Obviously none of us would like to see Punk abandon his role as the top heel on Raw.

Clearly, Mason Ryan can fill the void that Batista created when he "retired," but how long will it take? Ryan admitted that he is not necessarily ready to be in the ring on Raw, so for all we know, if he faces Orton next week, he could face the wrath of Orton once more, leaving Punk all by himself.

It's quite amazing to consider that a few months ago, the Nexus was one of the strongest forces in recent WWE memory, but now has fallen by the wayside.