College Football Predictions: Baby's Losers, The Plot Thickens

BabyTateSenior Writer ISeptember 28, 2008

                                         BABY'S LOSERS 10/4/08

1) Florida State @ Miami– How many times was this the game of the year? Who could forget those classics? Both teams need to bring back the power! Baby's Loser, Miami.

2) Ohio State @ Wisconsin– The Badgers could be the only team in the country that is bigger than Alabama. Camp Randall won't save them. Baby's Loser, Wisconsin.

3) Oregon @ Southern Cal– Ducks believe they're headed to the Rose Bowl. This is their chance to prove it. The Trojans bounce back at home. Baby's Loser, Oregon.

4) Missouri @ Nebraska– It's not lost on me that the Cornhuskers hung 30 on the lunch bucket crew last week. I think Chase Daniel is the difference, Baby's Loser, Nebraska.

5) Stanford @ Notre Dame– Harbaugh believes he can put down Ty Willingham one week and Charlie Weis the next. He'll find out differently, Baby's Loser, Stanford.

6) The Navy @ The Air Force– The Falcons are improved this season. Give the Middies  credit for beating Wake Forest last week. This is a new week. Baby's Loser, The Navy.

7) Auburn @ Vanderbilt– Vandy is one of the surprise teams in the country. Looks like they've got everything in their favor. Everything but Tuberville. Baby's Loser, Vanderbilt.

8)                   GAME OF THE WEEK

                       Kentucky @ Alabama

There are several danger games around the country this week. You know, the kind where a team is full of itself. Penn State needs to be on upset alert against Purdue. Ole Miss had best beware of Carolina. And Alabama is a sitting duck for the unbeaten Wildcats of Kentucky. Here is a vote for Nick Saban to get their attention. Baby's Loser,Kentucky.

                  RACE FOR THE TITLE


1. Tim                6-2               Ga, Purdue                                            13-4                  77%

2. Timothy        5-3              Nebraska, New Mex St, Purdue          32-8                 80%

2. 12                   5-3              Nebraska, Marshall, Purdue               32-8                 80%


Also tied for second this past week were MiamiMitch, Kristofer, Roy, and Daniel at 5-3. Robert was 5-2 as he sat out the Georgia game, while coming in at 4-4 were J.C., Issac, as well as Kenneth, who is running a healthy 71 percent record to date. With this past weekend being called upset city it's a wonder we didn't all go under .500 for the week. Baby Tate went 5-3, missing New Mex St, Ga, and Nebraska. After 5 completed weeks this leads to a yearly record of 29-11 for 73 percent.