Poppin' Champagne Like We Won a Chamionship Game

Greg BlohowiakContributor ISeptember 28, 2008

The last time that much alcohol was airborne in the City of Milwaukee was the day a Miller Truck fishtailed on the highway. It was a surreal feeling at Miller Park, thousands upon thousands of fans waiting around, watching the finish of the Mets' game on the scoreboard. Even Carlos Zambrano couldn't resist watching his northern foes celebrate.

For the first time in 26 years, the Milwaukee Brewers are playing baseball in October. Of course, they couldn't make it easy on themselves. After starting September in horrible fashion, and firing their manager, they finally decided to play baseball.

Like any other Brewer fan, I found myself scoreboard checking. It is only fitting that both N.L. teams that are still in contention would be tied in the seventh inning. The resounding thought in everyone's minds was, "Somehow, the Brewers will give up a pinch-hit home run, and the Mets will win in the bottom of the ninth with a Endy Chavez dinger."

Why not? It's been so long for the Brewers that fans do not really know how to handle this kind of success. If you have a pessimistic outlook, nothing can seem worse. It's almost expected for the small-market team to falter. But not this time. There is a chip on their shoulders, and you could tell with this Cubs series.

Players were running out groundballs and pop ups. Batting was solid, with the players swinging and hitting quality pitches, with the exception of Corey Hart, who seemingly closes his eyes and swings, but that's beside the point.

The Brewers, behind sellout crowds sporting their towels and signs titled "Brew-ieve" did it this time. They finally pulled it out when they were supposed to.

The amazing thing about October baseball is that there is a clean slate. No longer will Rickie Weeks' OBS be abnormally low for an ex-leadoff batter. The next couple games in Philly will define this ballclub as a whole. The new pressures put upon one of the youngest teams will no doubt bring on unreal nerves.

The adrenaline pumping through their blood is going to be so immense that CC will look even more intimidating. If there's a play at the plate with Prince Fielder, the universe might explode.

This team is going into these playoffs with no expectations. In the last couple weeks, no one counted them in. There is no telling how good/bad the Brewers will do, but I can guarantee everyone is looking forward to the ride. No matter how they do, this is an accomplishment that will always be remembered. 

I cannot wait to see how Milwaukee will be with the first playoff game here in 26 years. I can only hope the city will be as crazy as a home Packer game. And as the great emcee Lil Wayne would say, "Look like I got on a championship ring." Let's hope that ring will be forever present for this storybook team.