A 16-Year Trip Back to Glory For the Alabama Crimson Tide

Jacob BrunkContributor ISeptember 28, 2008

Now when it comes to the University of Alabama, the Capstone, that magical city of dust, smoke, pollution, and water that smells terrible, there is only one reason that my heart lies in the southwest of this great state and that is Alabama football.

I have bled crimson and white since the day I was born and will continue to do so upon my death bed. Now having said that, there seems to be some issues that I can't let go when it comes to my beloved institution.

Never mind the fact that fountains are more important than parking for students, football players are given everything short of money and God's grace by the university, and tuition rises by hundreds of dollars are year, Nick Saban is here to stay and bring us the glory denied to us by the likes of Dennis Franchonie, Mike Dubose and Shula, and probably Bear Bryant Junior.

Let's not even get into the subject of Mal Moore. There are twenty seven thousand odd students attending this school and we cant afford to build a parking lot to make them somewhat happy? There are 92,138 seats in Bryant-Denny and over two thirds of the student body can't attend?

We have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated more than almost any other collegiate team, while Auburn has had one "cover" that was nothing more than a drawing of an Auburn football player; the main focus not even being on the subject of Auburn football, and if you've ever been to Tuscaloosa at night after the sprinklers are on you know the foul stench I referred to earlier.

Why, my beloved Crimson Tide, is it so hard to defend you?

Does anyone remember Lee Corso's comments prior to the national championship game in 1992? It went something to the effect of Alabama having no business being here and Miami is going to blow them out of the water. We all took great pride in making Corso eat those words and he has regretted it ever since.

Now, where have the Tide been since then? We have had talent, we have had decent coaches, but where have the winning seasons been? Yeah, we had a couple of years that caused excitement, we got put on Sports Illustrated, big deal. That's all fine and well, but where the hell has the Crimson Tide, the football team supposed to strike fear and worry into every other fan in the nation been?

We became a laughing stock, a joke for six years running to our rivals across the plains. We haven't had a season that made me walk from December to August with my head held high since then. I just had to make excuses for sixteen years.

Sixteen years, does anyone else realize that? The last time Alabama even beat Auburn was in a year Auburn was considered dominant and Alabama the severe underdog, and yet Alabama made the Tigers look like a high school team that night, after having a severely mediocre season.

Where has the pride gone, the passion we fought our battles on the grid iron with? I've made every excuse since '92 from well, 'we have been on probation', to 'we are going through a coaching change', to 'wait till next year'. I'm done waiting Crimson Tide.

Thank you for delivering this season. I was sick and tired of being disappointed, and I would just like to say thanks.