Kicker Perfect: Matt Bryant Goes Three for Three, Day After Son's Burial!

Curtis SmithContributor ISeptember 28, 2008

To all the parents out there who may be saying "I can't believe he played."  I say to you get over it, I would like to congratulate Matt Bryant for his AMAZING performance going three for three on field goals and three PAT's.  I don't know how he did it, I could never!

In less then a week Matt Bryant has experienced the highs and the very lows of life.  Kicking the game winner in week three, to losing a three month year old son.  He did what he thought would be right, what he knew Matthew Tryson Bryant would want dad to do.  After each kick he made the motion of blowing a kiss up into the air knowing Tryson was smiling upon him.  The last field goal that put them up 24 to 20 players surrounded him, giving him the courage to go on and respect that he deserves.   

By not playing he never gets to honor little Tryson, but by playing he could face criticism.  He did honor his son and he did it perfectly, as a father and as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.  If ever this season Bryant were to miss a field goal even if its in the playoffs he shall get a break (in my opinion two or three).  He didn't have to be on the field on Sunday, but he was honoring his son and helping his football brethren. 

Bryant suited up, put on his cleats and put on a performance that transcends into something more then sports.  Into a memory that will not be forgotten.  Other memories for me include Tiger Woods winning after his dad's death, or the Brett Favre Monday night clinic he put on after his dad's death.  It's thing like this that make a football, hockey, soccer, baseball player look human.  They have feelings and unlike most of us who would have missed a week or two of work, they play on.

Bryant who will be celabrating his other son Tre's birthday Monday said "That's Monday today is Tryson's day" 

I'd like to send my condolences out to the Bryant family.  I've never been a Bucs fan but today I cheered them on like they were my team.