Mets have another monumental collapse, but who won the wild card?

Dr. Brett SchmitzCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2008

The Mets lose! The Mets lose!

Every sports outlet in America is talking about how the Mets had another monumental collapse, but why are we talking about the Mets?  Why is America so concerned with a bunch of losers!  How about the proverbrial losers that are now winners for the first time in 26 years. 

I think the only people who know who the NL wildcard team is or even care are the people of the great state of Wisconsin.  We have been waiting 26 years for the Brewers even to be mentioned with the playoffs.  Sure everyone knows how the CUBS SUCK.  But come on.  The Brewers have barely sniffed the playoffs in 26 years.  Where are the headlines and the proper attention.

MLB tonight mentioned the Brewers, but they only talked about CC Sabathia and how he is probably the best pitcher in MLB.  Maybe there was a mention of Ryan Braun and how he is the shit, but right after talking about CC for 20 minutes they went to the Mets and how they continued to collapse and how they did it.  WHO CARES ABOUT THE LOSERS!  Lets talk about the Brewers and after making a controversial and smart call to fire Ned Yost found a way to win with Sveum and Yount at the helm and turned it around in the final week and came back! 

Lets give the Brewers the respect they deserve and congratulate them properly with a Miller Lite, which I know I'm going to do tonight!  GO BREWERS! and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!