Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, WrestleMania and All of Monday's WWE Buzz

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Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, WrestleMania and All of Monday's WWE Buzz

If you're like me, you must be thinking you've been thrown into a time machine and sent back to 1999. The big stories in the WWE at the moment are the Rock's return to wrestling (however you want to classify it), Stone Cold Steve Austin's appearance on Raw tonight and the Undertaker and Triple H getting ready to headline WrestleMania. 

Every time the WWE takes a step forward they do something to remind us of the past. While some might be lamenting the recent string of old-school guys getting the spotlight, don't worry. Most of this is short-lived anyway. There is a new guard in the WWE and it's here to stay.

Still, that doesn't mean they haven't left us with a ton of questions like, "What will Stone Cold Steve Austin's role be on Raw tonight?" (This translates to, "Who is he going to put the Stunner on?")

We are still wondering what the Rock's involvement in Mania will be and when Cena is going to get that face-to-face confrontation with the Rock we've all been waiting for.

We also had some interesting comments from Eric Bischoff about the state of PPVs, and we'll give you guys a chance to weigh in on the idea of more or less PPVs in wrestling. 

So if you are anticipating Raw tonight like I am, then stay right here and we'll get you all ready for tonight's show. 

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