NBA Blocks, Bricks and Buckets: Recapping the Original Reality TV Show

Jose SalviatiCorrespondent IIMarch 7, 2011

If you work hard, we will be watching in you in ten years. Creeeeeepy.
If you work hard, we will be watching in you in ten years. Creeeeeepy.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I heard someone once refer to sporting events as the original reality TV.

Great analogy.

The Association is full of drama, letdowns, sex, lies and videotape. Sure, you won't see Snooki suiting up with the New Jersey Nets anytime soon, but is that really such a bad thing?

With that in mind, the following is a quick recap of some of the things that caught my eye recently while watching NBA Shore. The original, and still best, reality TV show ever.

Is it just me or do those back to the future NBA commercials creep anyone else out? At first, I admit to not even understanding what was going on. Wait, that's Amar'e, but he's a kid and some guy is there talking to him, WAAAAA?

That one with the little kid creeping on Stephen Curry is just...odd. Isn't it?

The Clippers can't buy a break this year. Just when they get everyone back healthy, they trade who most thought was an untradeable player and have momentum thanks to Blake Griffin's All-Star weekend, it all comes crashing down on Eric Gordon's wrist.

Clipper Curse? Bad Karma? Nah, just bad luck, but the Clippers sure seem to own lots of land in bad-luckville.

What Kevin Love is doing in Minnesota is pretty remarkable. It's odd to see his name among basketball's greatest players including Mose Malone, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain and more. For all his game though, it just feels like there is something missing. He's good, great even, but just not a star.

The East might be stockpiling the best players, but the best teams are still in the West.

Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals is looking pretty possible today.

How intriguing would that Finals matchup be?

Phil Jackson going for his sixth championship with the Lakers against the team he has already won six with. Derrick Rose on the big stage for the first time, Kobe there for the eighth time.

That Finals might even put last year's Celtics vs. Lakers ratings to shame.

Speaking of the Lakers, if they do have a "switch," it's on.

The Miami Heat are 1-8 against the NBA's best teams. What's worse is that the team is treating their recent loses like the world is crumbling. Good teams understand that every team goes through good and bad times. The Heat wanted the "bad-guy" moniker, but they have no idea how to handle the pressures that come with it.

The NBA"s best "bad boy" team was the Detroit Pistons. No other team is even close.

Miami is another year, a bench, reliable point guard and MAYBE a coach away from moving past the first few rounds of the NBA playoffs.

The Celtics were active during the trading deadline. Very active. Maybe, overactive. If Shaq doesn't come back soon, their gutsy trade of Kendrick Perkins is going to look pretty bad. Really bad.

The Clippers are a playoff contender next year. Don't snicker, its a sure thing.

Speaking of sure things, Derrick Rose is the MVP and Blake Griffin is the ROY. I know, stop the presses huh?