College Football Shakeup Means Alabama Should Be No. 1

Eric DormanAnalyst ISeptember 28, 2008

Well this past weekend has been a quite a shakeup in the polls and one of the reasons why is...well, because first ranked USC fell to Oregon State which had a big effect in the polls.

Second, Florida lost to a team that is just plain easy to beat, but I have to give Ole Miss credit for have the pride and determination to beat such a high-powered offense.

Georgia lost embarrassingly to Alabama, who I might as well say is the best damn football team in College Football and will most likely make it to the national title.

The reason I say this is well because if you look at the Tide’s Offensive Line, they gain bigger advantages than most Offensive Linemen do.

Is this good for Alabama? Well…yes, because one of the main reasons why Alabama is so good on the line is because Nick Saban is a great recruiter when it comes to picking the right linemen to cover John Parker Wilson.

Two, Nick Saban has had his share of great years of experience in recruiting top offensive linemen and Saban is one of the most talented coaches in college Football.

So how will Alabama do the rest of this season well, I don’t think there is a team in college football right now that could beat them. so look for them to undefeated and possibly make it to the National Title.

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