Random College Football Musings After Upset Saturday

Chip MinnichCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2008

Looking back on a day dubbed "Upset Saturday," I believe Ohio State fans should be content with the victory over Minnesota, 34-21. While I am happy with the win, I'm somewhat disappointed with the manner in which Ohio State took its collective foot off Minnesota's throat late in the game to allow the Gophers to score two touchdowns.

Yes, I know a win's a win, and Ohio State won the game. At this moment, the Buckeyes are undefeated in Big Ten play, which is better than Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, and (surprisingly) Wisconsin are tonight.

All I can suggest is Ohio State look no further than that Wisconsin team, which was crushing Michigan at the half, 19-0, and lost, 27-25, in Ann Arbor.

Something to consider: With the manner in which Alabama embarassed Georgia, is it fair to say now that Georgia has been eliminated from national title consideration? After all, Ohio State lost by a 35-3 score on the road to USC and actually scored its three points—and very nearly some more—at the beginning of the game. Georgia was at home and down by a 31-0 margin at the half.

Right now, Oklahoma and Alabama would be considered the favorites for the BCS championship game. Looking at Alabama's schedule, the Tide could be undefeated going into a game at LSU on Nov. 8. Oklahoma's next big game is on Oct. 11 against Texas.