Ramblings From the Mind of a Wrestling Fan

Mike SalvatoreCorrespondent IIIMarch 7, 2011

I am 24 years old.

I watch professional wrestling. 

I know wrestling is fake. 

I also know the pain is real. 

I remember when Mick Foley fell 15 feet from the top of a cage. 

I know not everyone can talk on the stick. 

I think it’s more important to tell a story in the ring anyway.

I loved when Hulk passed the torch. 

I can’t believe the Warrior dropped the ball. 

I watched the first season of Tough Enough. 

I remember when Tag Team wrestling meant something in the WWE. 

I can smell what the Rock is cooking. 

I remember when Vince McMahon was a baby-faced announcer. 

I used to love when Jake brought Damien into the ring. 

I don’t think the Boogeyman was ever intimidating. 

I loved the 1-2-3 Kid. 

I think Goldust was one of the best at physiological warfare. 

I remember when everyone had a storyline. 

I remember when Mark Henry became the proud father of a human hand. 

I think Chris Benoit is a monster. 

I also think the man is a hell of a wrestler. 

I don’t think there will ever be another stable like the Four Horsemen. 

I remember the Shock Master. 

I remember when Triple H jobbed to Duke the Dumpster Droese. 

I once looked up Austin 3:16 in the Bible. 

I will never forget Owen’s last match. 

I once tried to do “The Worm.”

I failed. 

I don’t like John Cena. 

I have nothing but respect for him, though. 

I remember when Hogan turned heel. 

I think Shane McMahon is one of the more underrated performers in wrestling. 

I remember when matches lasted longer than one minute. 

I want to see a Too Cool Reunion. 

I think the Nexus and the Core are too similar to the NWO. 

I want HBK to stay retired. 

I think Vince Russo needs to go away forever. 

I love the Raw vs. Smackdown video game franchise. 

I would still rather play No Mercy on my N64.

I get sad when I see that roster and realize how many wrestlers have passed away. 

I miss Eddie. 

I think some of you may have enjoyed this article. 

I know most of you didn’t. 

I’m okay with that.