Sevilla FC's Luis Fabiano Out for Six Weeks Due to Muscle Injury

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer IMarch 7, 2011

Luis Fabiano
Luis FabianoDenis Doyle/Getty Images

Sevilla FC striker Luis Fabiano will be out for six weeks following an injury to the semitendinous muscle in his right knee.

During the match between Sevilla and Club Atletico Bilbao, won 2-0 by Bilbao, Fabiano appeared to be in agony while attempting to run. The team feared that he may have ruptured a knee ligament.

However, a scan of the knee did not show any ruptured ligaments, which will certainly be helpful to Fabiano's recovery.

While Fabiano is expected to return in six weeks, he will miss Sevilla's match with FC Barcelona. With or without Fabiano's opposing presence, Barca is expected to defeat Sevilla handily.

In the current La Liga tables, Sevilla FC is in eighth position, 38 points behind first-place Barcelona.

Fabiano has scored ten goals in 21 league appearances in the current La Liga season.

It remains to be seen whether Sevilla FC can surprise during the rest of the year with or without Fabiano.