TNA: Robbie E Caught in Another Meaningless Feud? What's Next?

Charlie GSenior Writer IMarch 6, 2011

It looks like Robbie E is trapped in another meaningless feud. 

He and Cookie recently teamed up with Jersey Shore star Angelina, and called out Jersey Shore co-star JWoww on the Match third edition of iMPACT!

The Beautiful People told Cookie, Robbie and Angelina to leave while they celebrate Velvet's win. Angelina from Jersey Shore didn't take kindly to that and kicked Velvet, starting a fight between The Beautiful People and The Shore People with help of Sarita.

Announced for next week is a three-on-three Knockout tag match. 

The Beautiful People and Mystery Partner vs. Sarita, Cookie and Angelina.

My question is: Where does Robbie E come into play? 

Last iMPACT! he was just background noise to Cookie and Angelina. Next week he'll do the same. Stand at ring side and watch his Shore friends, Angelina and Cooks, pick up a win.

Why doesn't Robbie E find someone to feud with? Instead, TNA is wasting his talent in feuding with Jersey Shore stars. First JWoww, now Angelina.

What will anyone get out of this feud? TNA wants to see JWoww vs. Angelina? A Jersey Shore fight?

Robbie E is really talented on the mic and in the ring. Now he's watching from the sidelines as the girls take control. 

Robbie needs to get in the ring. Not Cookie or Angelina or JWoww. Robbie, and no more of this fighting X Division nonsense. Put him in the ring with the TV Champion. Robbie is not X Division! 

So what'll happen to Robbie after Cookie and Angelina get what they want? Will he and Cookie vanish again until TNA pays some other Jersey Shore star to come in?

TNA can make some good backstage segments with Robbie and his Shore gimmick.

Robbie E needs to ditch Cookie for right now and find a feud with someone. Magnus and Robbie are both cocky and arrogant. They both think they're great and good looking. Make them a team.

My point is, Robbie E is being wasted in this feud involving reality TV stars (not Miz).

If TNA isn't going to put Robbie in a feud, use him for comedic segments. His gimmick is great for that.

I had this idea a few days ago. It's called TNA Shore. A spoof of Jersey Shore. TNA can take guys who get little to no TV time and put them in this segment.

My choice of people for TNA Shore would be Robbie E, Eric Young, Orlando Jordan, Magnus, Cookie, Daffney, Christy Hemme and Tara. TNA can use these eight to make fun of the hit MTV series. Robbie can be the man of the house while EY is a "chick magnet" and Robbie is jealous of him and beats him down.

Anyways, Robbie has to sit this feud out. Nothing for him to do this time around. He has to watch Jersey Shore stars battle it out. 

What's next for Robbie E? Another feud with X Division champion? Will he have to watch Cookie in a feud again?

Hopefully TNA gives Robbie a chance at the TV Championship or something better than the X Division title hunt or a feud with reality TV stars.