Andris Biedrins Named Captain of the Golden State Warriors

Yama HazheerCorrespondent IIApril 5, 2017

With star Baron Davis signing with the Los Angeles Clippers, and bench-energizing Matt Barnes signing with the Phoenix Suns, the Golden State Warriors were empty in the captain department of the team.

Stephen Jackson was one of those captains, and he remains on.  But the team had to replace the players who left the team.

I wrote an article earlier saying that it is now Monta Ellis' team with Baron's departure, and thought that he would take that role by the end of the season.  Unfortunately, Ellis had to do something stupid—and also violate his contract—and ride a moped. He was injured, and will be absent for the first part of the season.

An injury like that not only makes him look irresponsible, but it also sets a bad example for his fans and the rest of the team. After that incident, I can't see him becoming the leader of this young franchise yet. He will still have to get some respect back after his dumb-witted move.

As for being the second-team captain, Don Nelson selected the lanky Latvian center, Andris Biedrins. Biedrins doesn't look like the loudest guy on the floor, and may not be the emotional leader that Jackson is, but he can be a "lead by example" type of guy.

When he got back from his appendectomy, the team did feed off his defense and rebounding, and became a high-scoring team again. Andris, being one of the only players on the team that doesn't have a stroke from beyond the arc, could lead by example—and with him on the floor, the team forced up fewer quick shots early in the shot clock.

He has been working on the pick and roll with Jackson this offseason, and looks like he has been working hard. Biedrins also knows that he will have new responsibilities in being the captain of a young team.

"Now we have a lot of young guys on the team, just a couple of veterans, so I know I need to step it up and do more things, not only on the court but off the court too. I'm ready for that." Biedrins said.

Don Nelson hardly plays centers who can't shoot, yet he named Biedrins team captain. I'm sure that says a lot about the bright future this young gun has ahead of him.

This season won't be a pretty one for Golden State—but with captains Stephen Jackson and Andris Biedrins, the youngest team in the league will learn numerous new things about the game—and themselves.