Maple Leafs: Searching for Resolve in Toronto

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Maple Leafs: Searching for Resolve in Toronto
Its an outcry for help as the leafs try to tackle a drought, that could lead them, not been able to make the playoffs for the second straight year in a row. With just 16 wins, the Maple leafs are becoming more of a OHL team, rather than a NHL team in many way. The Toronto Maple Leafs after losing to the LA Kings on Thursday night 5-2. Toronto fell short of a few fans and was and is considered to be the worst team in the NHL. With Vesa Toskala out of the line up again with another injury, they decided to recall Justin Pogge from the Marlies, pending Vesa Toskala's skate on this Saturdays skate before the game.

When Toronto meets for the first time this Saturday at the San Jose Sharks, there is going to be a rival formed that no one could say or believe or even have ever thought possible. The Sharks are a speed demon team that will run the score board if their not challenged mentally or physically. With a possible Justin Pogge replacing Vesa Toskala in net, the Leafs will have a chance to cut the 8th game skid to an end. With that in mind, there will be more than likely switches in the lineups during the game against the San Jose Sharks this Saturday night, to try and get the offensive side going for the Leafs. Many fans are thinking that tonights game will decide the future of the Toronto Maple Leafs coaching staff and the General Manager, if the Leafs do not win. With all said and done with, tonights game is going to be a rival matchup.

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