My Take on College Football After Week Five

David HedlindAnalyst IISeptember 28, 2008

The Pac-10 is the Pac-10

Everyone’s favorite little joke is that it is the USC and the Pac-9, or the Pac-1, or some other way of degrading everyone but USC. The Trojans may have won the conference six times in a row, but they have shared it three times, and in the more recent years have not done so as easily as people expect.

Losses to Oregon State and UCLA, along with six-point wins over Washington State and Washington and a seven-point win over Arizona State in '06, and losses to Stanford and Oregon with a three-point win over Washington, a seven-point win over Arizona, and a seven-point win over Cal in '07 show the rest of the conference can play with the Trojans.

Now Oregon State has done it again to start off '08.


DA U...isn’t back yet

And I say again—yet. I think most everyone expects Coach Shannon to get them there sometime in the near future. I heard a lot of proclamations that it would be this year. After letting North Carolina slip away with the win, I can't believe it is this year.


I am done with Clemson

Their schedule could consist of all DI-AA teams and everyone in the ACC could have all their starters suspended, and I still won’t count on them to win the conference ever again. Is there another team out there that just does not live up to all the hype they get?

I can understand a slow start and dropping that game to Alabama. But now to lose to Maryland at home? The same Maryland that lost to Middle Tennessee a couple weeks ago?


Roll Tide

I was skeptical to start the season. I gave credit for the Clemson win, but now after they lost to Maryland, Clemson isn’t what it seemed to start the season. After last night's beating of Georgia, I give Alabama major props.

There is still quite a bit of football left, but I think the Tide have turned the corner and Saban may be worth the money this year.


Bye bye Ty

Washington has started 0-4, which is not the way to start a season when your job is already in question. Not to mention three losses were at home and two in conference. The question now isn’t will Ty be fired, but when. That then opens the question as to who is next—does anyone want the job?


The Ducks may have two 1,000-yard rushers

Five games in and LeGarrette Blount has 481 yards and is averaging 7.3 yards per carry. Jeremiah Johnson has 440 and is averaging 6.8 yards per carry. Blount is averaging 96.2 yards per game, while Johnson is averaging 88 yards a game. At this rate Blount would finish at 1.154 yards and Johnson would finish at 1,056 yards.



I heard (or saw) on message boards after Thursday's USC loss that USC's loss to an unranked Oregon State on the road meant they were overrated. Then when Florida lost at home to an unranked Ole Miss, it meant the SEC was too tough from top to bottom.

Oregon State went 9-4 with a bowl win last season. Ole Miss went 3-9 and hasn’t even been to a bowl in about five years. Either both USC and Florida were overrated, or both the SEC and Pac-10 are tough top to bottom.


Nebraska defense needs more than a new defensive-minded coach

Everyone said Nebraska's defense would be much improved from last season now that Bo Pelini was the new head coach. Games like last year's 376 yards to Wake Forest, 420 to USC, and 610 to Ball State were things of the past.

That hasn’t been the case so far. Western Michigan gained 350 yards, San Jose Sate 353, and Virginia Tech 377.  They are still waiting on the return of the blackshirts.


Superman is returning his Tebow pajamas

Stopped on 4th-and-1 with the game on the line in the Swamp by Ole Miss? To be honest, I think I would blame Meyer more than Tebow or the line or anyone else. My grandma could have told you the play would be Tebow on a keeper.


Are we sure Cincinnati isn’t in the Pac-10?

Oregon’s QB problems are well documented. Washington State is down to the third string, and UCLA lost their starters before the season even started. Cincinnati is now on redshirt freshmen Zach Collaros and Chazz Anderson. With all the QB problems, they would fit right in—except that whole not being anywhere near the Pacific thing.


Ball State is good

I've been saying it for a couple weeks now, but this week they showed more heart than ever. A week after losing star WR Dante Love to a career-ending injury, Ball State came out and easily handled Kent State.

I still like Central Michigan, but after edging Buffalo I think the rest of the MAC may be catching up. Ball State is now my favorite to challenge Central Michigan.

These two meet up Nov. 19. Circle it.