Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers; Week Four

David ArreolaSenior Analyst ISeptember 28, 2008

Week Four of the fun-spirited comparison article between Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.

Last week was another one of those tough weeks. I chose Favre because of his second-half turnaround. The B/R community backed Rodgers, arguing that his opponent was tougher.

I understand that the Cowboys are possibly the best team in the NFL, but their defense is not one of the best. Rodgers didn't score any touchdowns until the game was already decided. Favre accounted for three touchdowns, two more than Rodgers.

Week Four

Green Bay Packers          21
Tampa Bay Buccaneers   30

Aaron Rodgers: 14-27, 165 yards, 2 TDs, 3 INTs

The Good: His first quarter. Rodgers started the game nicely, continuing his hot streak. He was on rhythm with his receivers, and it looked to be another solid day for Rodgers. However, things went bad very quickly. His completion percentage was substantially lower than his season average. Still, he kept the Packers in the game as long as he could, until the Tampa Bay defense broke him apart.

The Bad: Three interceptions. His first three of the season, I might add. He was constantly under pressure, so he rolled out to make plays outside of the pocket. That did not work, as the Tampa defense kept playing until the whistle. The first interception was not Rodgers' fault, as Brandon Jackson tipped it into the hands of Derrick Brooks. However, the third interception is what sealed Green Bay's fate. He looked confused, and didn't make the great decisions that we have come to see in his young career.

Brett Favre: 24-34, 289 yards, 6 TDs, 1 INT

Arizona Cardinals      35
New York Jets         56

The Good: Six passing touchdowns! A career-high for Favre. He started out poorly, tossing a pick early in the first quarter. He turned it around in a BIG way. He tore apart the Cardinals defense, hooking up for deep and short touchdowns. He looked calm, and, for the first time all season, he looked like he understood the plays. Even while the Cardinals were coming back and lighting up the scoreboard, Favre kept pace and just kept throwing touchdowns.

The Bad: Not much here, except for his early pick. He looked just about flawless. He commanded the pace of the game, and looked like the Favre we know. He had 24 completions, which is showing improvement. Favre will always make a couple bad decisions in a game. Always giving the defense an opportunity to make a play. So to close the bad analysis...he played like Favre.

The Pick

Finally I get a break from criticism. Brett Favre is the clear victor this week, beating Rodgers in every stat and throwing for a career-high six touchdowns.

Favre did play the weaker team. Rodgers not only lost, he was unable to make the change to win. He had his first bad game of the season, and I don't expect him to have another game like this.

Stats after Week Four

Week-to-week matchup: Favre 3, Rodgers 1

Aaron Rodgers: 78-126 (62%), 961 yds, 6 TDs (2 rushing TDs), 3 INTs

Brett Favre: 87-124 (70%), 935 yds, 12 TDs, 4 INTs

The stats are about even, sans the touchdown count, a fourth of the way through the season.

Final Thoughts

Rodgers is hurt again. His health was my main concern coming into the season, and as a Packer fan...I am worried if he will be able to finish the season or not.

Favre has slowly been getting better; it looks like he finally has the Jets playbook under his belt. If I were a team in the AFC East, I would be very scared by that statement.