Cris Carter: A Nightmare to Lions Fans Even in Retirement

Chip StevensonCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2008

So I was watching ESPN's pregame NFL show just now, and they were talking about Matt Millen's firing and the direction of the Lions and what not.

Cris Carter, former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver and Lion killer extraordinaire, says that he worked out in the offseasons with Charles Rogers and Mike Williams before they were drafted. As everyone here knows, those two guys are two of the biggest busts in NFL history and will forever be a symbol of this despicable era in Lions lore.

Carter says that he could have told Millen to not even think about drafting those guys just based on their workouts with him. Unfortunately, Matt Millen never asked.

If you were thinking about investing millions of dollars into a top 10 draft pick, wouldn't you try to gather as much information about the player's work habits, personal life, background information, etc.? Wouldn't you want to ask the opinion of their work out partner who just happened to be a Hall of Fame wide receiver?

Sheesh, if that kind of half ass job makes you the second highest paid general manager in football, I wonder how bad you have to be at your job to be at the bottom of the general manager pay scale.