How to Repair The Detroit Tigers

AccountKiller AccountKiller@AccountKillerContributor ISeptember 28, 2008

The tigers made a lot of moves last off-season, upgraded at third base and somehow got a lot worse. They have a lot of things to do this off-season to be a contender to win the AL Central. First things first they need to get a closer since their current closer Todd Jones recently announced his retirement. In order to fill his spot the Tigers need to sign a closer, because they have one of the worst bullpens in the league. They should first try Francisco Rodriguez but he will never want to play in Detroit. Look for them to sign either Brian Fuentes, Eric Gagne, or Brandon Lyon. They should consider signing middle relievers as well since as previously stated their bullpen is one of the worst in baseball.

The tigers should then try to get quality pitchers in their rotation. They might need to use a guy like Magglio Ordonez or Gary Sheffield as trade bait but it is worth it. Pitching wins games and that's why the Tigers didn't win any this year; they thought they could hit their way into the postseason. This strategy has been proven to be unsuccessful. Therefore they should try to get rid of an outfielder to get some quality pitching in their rotation.

Edgar Renteria is aging and cannot continue to play short for the Detroit Tigers. They shouldn't pick up his option but rather either trade for a shortstop or sign one. They should look first to trade Dontrelle Willis and Brent Clevlen to the Pirates and acquire Jack Wilson. The Tigers have been interested in Wilson for some time now and this off-season is their chance to acquire him.

The Tigers need to also find a backup for Brandon Inge because they traded Pudge so they are left without a backup catcher. Johnny Estrada should be considered for this position if not resigned by the Nationals and if they cannot get Estrada they should look to sign Javier Valentin.

They also need to resign Freddy Garcia because he will be cheap and will be fully recovered from his injury. This gives them more depth in the rotation and fills ine the place of the hopefully departed Willis.

In review the Tigers need to sign a closer, acquire Jack Wilson, resign Freddy Garcia, sign a back up catcher, and use the trade bait in the outfield to booster up their bullpen and starting rotation just to become a conteder again.