Week Five: Shocks Heard Around the World

Scott GarfinkelContributor ISeptember 28, 2008

Through the first four weeks of the college football season, nothing had occurred that was out of the ordinary. The majority of the top teams were winning and winning big, Ohio State again did not show up in another meaningful game against a non Big Ten team, the doormats of college football, Syracuse and Washington, look as dreadful as expected. 

The season was missing the wow factor. Fans were just waiting for something out of the ordinary to occur. Fans around the nation were hoping for one major upset to shakeup the college football scene. Week Five gave fans their wish in more ways than one.

The storyline of the 2007 season was the year of the upset. It started from week one when Appalachian State defeated Michigan in The Big House and continued throughout the season when the likes of Kentucky beat LSU, Illinois beat Ohio State, and Stanford beat USC. 

The storyline of the 2008 season may also be the year of the upset after what  occurred in week five. Fans should have known that something out of the ordinary was going to happen this week after Oregon State shocked the seemingly invincible USC Trojans on Thursday night.

The Trojans were supposed to manhandle every PAC 10 team on its schedule in route to an easy path to Miami to play in the BCS championship game. This upset was just what fans, except those of the men of Troy, were dying for to give the season a spark. This upset, however, was the start of many to come for the weekend.

On Saturday, the second highly ranked team to fall was the Clemson Tigers. Yes Clemson got blown out by Alabama, but the Tigers are the most talented team in the ACC and were supposed to dominate Maryland. However, the Tigers looked like the Clemson teams of the past where it loses to teams it is supposed to beat in convincing fashion. Although the Tigers loss was considered an upset, it did not even compare to the upset that occurred in "The Swamp" in Gainesville.

The self proclaimed fastest team in the nation the Florida Gators were halted by the Ole Miss Rebels. The Rebel defense wreaked havoc on the Gator offense and confused and pressured the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow all day. The Rebels gave fans around the nation another jaw dropping, oh my god moment of the week.

The fourth upset of the week occurred when Michigan, which has one of the worst offenses in the nation, beat Wisconsin after trailing by 19 at halftime. Wisconsin was ranked ninth and Michigan had looked unimpressive in every game this season.

Michigan's defense, however, created turnovers and was able to give the Wolverine offense great field position. The Wolverines capitalized off the turnovers and the Badgers were not able to convert a game tying two point conversion at the end of the game. The upset in Ann Arbor would not be the last one of the day.

The final upset occurred between the hedges in Athens, Georgia. This game had all the makings of a classic nail biting SEC game. Georgia, wearing black uniforms for the third time ever, wanted to blackout the Crimson Tide. Alabama wanted to make Georgia feel like the Bulldogs were attending a funeral.

At the end of the night, it was the Bulldogs who would rest in piece. It was not that Alabama beat Georgia that shocked the nation, but it was the manner in which the Crimson Tide did it.  The Crimson Tide punished the Dawgs in the trenches the whole game. The Tide was more physical, faster, and simply the better team than the Georgia Bulldogs. Alabama went into halftime leading 31-0 and never looked back the rest of the game.

Upsets are a major part of what makes college football special. Hopefully week five will just be the beginning of another wild unpredictable college football season. As history has shown us, Trojan, Tiger, Gator, Badger, and Bulldog fans will not be the only ones feeling the wrath of the upset this year.

Sooner and Crimson Tide fans, your teams will be the number one and number two ranked teams this week so enjoy it while you can because it will be only a matter of time until your teams are upset.