Move Over SEC: Here Comes the Big 12

SportMonkAnalyst ISeptember 28, 2008

Monday should show Oklahoma as the new No. 1 after Oregon State’s stunning upset over USC. Missouri should be the new No. 3 and Texas at No. 4.

Texas Tech, Kansas, and Oklahoma State will also be in the top 25 rankings, showing the swing in power from the “unstoppable” SEC to the solid Big 12.

With SEC sweethearts Florida and Georgia falling yesterday (and Auburn clinging to life over Tennessee), the nation’s former power conference made a strong case for its own vulnerability. Only Alabama (5-0, 2-0) seems unbeatable for now, securing an impressive win over SEC foe Georgia.

Ole Miss (3-2, 1-1) had the big victory over Florida but has most likely already seen its only shining moment for the rest of the season.

Oklahoma (4-0) rolled over No. 24 TCU, making victory look as easy as it was over Chattanooga. Sam Bradford made a strong case for his Heisman contention, throwing for 411 yards and four TDs.

Texas (4-0) posted an impressive win over SEC foe Arkansas as Colt McCoy proved he also has an arm (throwing for three TDs) and some wheels (rushing for 89 and two TDs).

Five Big 12 teams are undefeated, four more have only one loss, and the basement is inhabited by its usual occupants (none having more than two losses).

The SEC (also with 12 members) only has four undefeated teams (two of which have yet to play a quality opponent). Only three have just one loss (although two of those were to high-ranked opponents), and the remaining five have two or more losses (two of which have only a single win so far).

Florida and Georgia will fall in the polls, making room for OU, Missouri, and Texas to move into the top five. Alabama and LSU should join them—but I’ll take a 3-2 edge any day.

So long, SEC—your reign was short (and too hyped up by ESPN)

Hello, Big 12—the new powerhouse conference in college football.