Purple Growl Top 25 Week 5

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Purple Growl Top 25 Week 5
For those of you who visit Purple Growl on a regular basis, you are aware that I was not able to publish my rankings for several weeks due to being hit by Hurricane Gustav, but I am finally back into the swing of things but I had to start my ranking system from scratch. This is my first published rankings since Hurricane Gustav and I will be publishing my ranks on Sundays from now on.

After looking at the AP and Coaches poll, I do have to ask why does the AP feel Bama is #2? Bama is a good team and they beat a good Georgia team in Athens, but Bama is still in the building process and although many people will disagree, I do think Georgia is overrated. Do not get me wrong, they are good, but overrated.

1. Oklahoma (Big 12)
2. LSU (SEC)
3. Missouri (Big 12)
4. Alabama (SEC)
5. Texas (Big 12)
6. Penn St (Big 10)
7. USC (PAC 10)
8. BYU (Mid West)
9. South Florida (Big East)
10. Florida (SEC)
11. Georgia
12. Texas Tech
13. Auburn
14. OSU
16. Wisconsin
17. Utah
18. Boise St
19. Virginia Tech
20. Kansas
21. Vanderbilt
22. Michigan St
23. Northwestern
24. North Carolina
25. Fresno St

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