Bleacher Report's Next Top Women's Wrestling Columnist: Cycle 2

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Bleacher Report's Next Top Women's Wrestling Columnist: Cycle 2

We're baaaaaack. A few months ago Bleacher Report was lit on fire by an innovative competition that challenged contestants to bring their A-games for the best of the best in Women's Wrestling Journalism. Week-in and week-out the entries for the competition were taking over the Wrestling page here on the site, and how could they not?

Competitors were being pushed to their writing limits, and alas, Cycle 1's winner was none other than one of my rookies for that season, Jade ( Jade's continued to impress with her wide array of knowledge on women in wrestling, and perfect grammar to boot!

It's no secret Jade is fantastic, but one of the ways she found some of her success was through this competition. It got her some exposure. How so? With our weekly challenges of course! By giving some new topics of discussion to the competitors, interest was sparked by readers and her readership increased.

And now I propose this question to you: don't you want readership?

If so, the place to be is NTWWC.

Aside from exposure to a core audience, this competition is a heck of a lot of fun! Debates are nothing unusual, but in the end everyone feels accomplished.

How To Sign Up

Sign up to NTWWC Cycle 2!

If you want to sign up please provide the following information in the comments section below, nothing less, nothing more:



Link to one of your articles:

Why you want to join:


That is all. We're looking for roughly 8-10 people for the competition. Judges and competitors will be revealed in the next NTWWC post.


I've decided to take out the grading scheme from the last cycle. It was too much work for one person, so now I'm just going to provide overall thoughts on articles submitted.

Each week a new NTWWC article is posted contestants will be notified and an elimination will take place. In certain circumstances multiple eliminations will take place. Eliminations will happen based on personal opinion.

Note: If you think that you won't be able to hand in articles bi-weekly, please don't sign up. You'd be taking a valuable spot away from someone who honestly wants, and maybe even needs it! Plus, it's frustrating for the judges to see people slacking. If you have a good excuse, ok, we might let it slide for one week. But it can't be consistent.

Now that you have the breakdown of the whole competition:

Will you be the Next Top Women's Wrestling Columnist?

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