Stevo Poulin Video: Watch 8-Year-Old Sensation Dominate on the Mat

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With bullying running rampant among America’s youth, God made this kid.

Stevo Poulin.

Go ahead and ask him for his milk money.

Stevo Poulin is 8 years old, 48 pounds and wears a Mohawk better than any third grader I’ve ever seen.

Watch the video again.

I think it begs the question: If you are a parent, how the heck do you let your child get in the ring with this kid?! His swagger is disconcerting, his singlet is precociously bold and to the untrained wresting eye, his technique appears to resemble that of a great white shark tearing through a pound of chum.

I think I can sum up this video in one sentence:

His singlet looks like something out of an Ed Hardy catalog, and in no way do I find that funny.

There are 30-year-old muscle-bound street fighters who look dumb in Ed Hardy, but this kid pulls it off.

He is the real-life version of Spike from Little Giants.

Check out this interview he did with (in which his voice is about eight octaves higher than I imagined it).

Apparently, Stevo has compiled a 256-26 record in his four years on the mat, a mark on which he muses, “I get mad when I lose, but I’m a really good sport though.”

I'm glad he's a good sport (nice work Poulins), but my more pertinent question is this...

Who beat him?

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