Boomer Sooner? Bradford Leads High Powered Oklahoma Team to The Top.

Mike VendittiContributor ISeptember 28, 2008

In a week chalk full of upsets in College Football, there is a need to crown a new target at No.1. 

With No.1 USC, No.3 Georgia, No.4 Florida and No.9 Wisconsin all falling in Week Five, the changing of the guard at the top of the soon to be released AP Poll is imminent.  Teams like No.2 Oklahoma, No.8 Alabama, No.7 Texas, No.5 LSU and No.12 Penn State took care of business and will likely be considered to fill out the top ten in some way. 

The biggest argument available would have to be for No.1.  No.2 Oklahoma, No.8 Alabama and No.6 Missouri all have a major case for this position.  As well as No.7 Texas who just housed Arkansas in Austin yesterday, No.12 Penn State, who took care of No.22 Illinois in Happy Valley and No.5 LSU who finally put away Mississippi State at Death Valley. 

Of the last three, No.12 Penn State has the best case to make, in beating Oregon State, and quite soundly I might add, they smell like roses after the mugging No.1 USC took Thursday night at the hands of the Beavers. But they don't make my top five.

Here is who did make my top five.


Easily the best looking team thus far in this young college football season.  Both offensively and defensively the Sooners have dominated.  Mainly on the offensive side of the ball. 

In each of their first three games, the Sooners put up lopsided scores in which they scored more than 50 points in each game.  Then yesterday, a day in which they were on upset alert, they put a 35-10 beating on the No.24 TCU Horned Frogs. 

Sam Bradford has thrown for 1,293 yards and 16 touchdowns, completing 83 of 115 passes along the way.  A great start for his Heisman campaign and an even better start for his No.1 Sooners.

No.2- Alabama

Yes No.8 to No.2 is a big leap.  But didn't they obliterate the "team of destiny" in the Georgia Dome?  Yes Clemson looks to be a bust, again, but that takes nothing away from what the Tide did to them.  And then comes a dismantling of Tulane, Western Kentucky and Arkansas for a warm up to the biggest game thus far this year.  Bama, Georgia, between the hedges. 

And don't let the 41-30 score fool you, this was not a good game.  Bama had a 31-0 lead at halftime and made Georgia look like a pop-warner football team as they ran all over the Bulldog defense. 

Bama seems to be for real and Saban has them focused, now the question will be how they get through the rest of their SEC schedule, which is one of the less demanding  in the league.  Look at the November 8 meeting  in Baton Rouge versus LSU.

No.3- LSU

Yes the win against Mississippi State wasn't insanely convincing, but how often is there a convincing win these days in the SEC?  Even Alabama only won by 11 and had a 31 point lead at half time.  The SEC is so tough now-a-days that to be 4-0 and have wins against No.13 Auburn and Mississippi State to start your conference play is pretty impressive. 

Now the tough road really starts.  The next three games come against formidable SEC opponents starting with their October 11 visit to the Swamp in Gainesville, Florida to battle the No.12 Gators, then another SEC road game to Columbia, South Carolina to take on a offensively-mute, but defensively strong fighting Gamecocks at Williams-Brice Stadium, never an easy place to play. 

Their next home game, on October 25 is only against the former preseason No.1 and current No.11 Georgia Bulldogs, and believe me on this one, these Dawgs have a lot to prove after losing to Alabama, and a Baton Rouge beat-down will be on their minds.

No.4- Missouri

The only team up top that may move up without having to win.  But can you blame the voters?  Chase Daniels is all but setting the pace for the Heisman Trophy running completing 75 percent of his passes (101 for 133) for 1,412 yards and 12 touchdowns. 

Oh yeah and there's this guy named Jeremy Maclin who is averaging a TD per game and isn't even the leading receiver on the team.  Missou has clobbered each of their first four opponents most notably beating No.20 Illinois to start the season 52-42, another misleading final seeing as the Illini fought back in the end to tighten the game. 

This team has a great arguement for No.1, but hasn't had much to prove yet. 

They will have to prove it over the next three weeks as they will have to perform at Nebraska before they get No.21, and climbing, Oklahoma State at home then jump back on the bus to visit the Longhorns in Austin.  This will be the biggest test for Missouri until they possibly meet up with Oklahoma for the Big XII Championship game.

No.5- Texas

How good are these Big XII quarterbacks?  Colt McCoy has completed 80 percent of his passes (80-100) for 1,018 yards and 14 touchdowns.  He also leads his team in rushing yards with 278, a low total, and has added four touchdowns on the ground.  The latter statistic would be the reason a team that has dominated like the Longhorns have doesn't get the No.1 nod. 

They are a one-dimensional offense and will learn the hard way that in order to win in big games, you have to run the ball.  278 yards over four games is pathetic for a team-leading rusher.  And when it's your quarterback, and his last name isn't Young, it might be worse. 

The leading rusher as far as running backs are concerned is freshman Cody Johnson with 166 yards on the ground over four games, and also adds four touchdowns. 

To be great Mack Brown will have to incorporate a running game into the attack and ready the defense for four straight ranked opponents starting October 11 with No.1 Oklahoma, then they play host to No.4 Missouri, followed by No.21 Oklahoma State before taking a trip to play No.7 Texas Tech and their high scoring offense.  The Longhorns path will be a rough one.