A Desperate Scott Linehans Throws Trent Green to the Bills

john dmytrukCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2008

    Last year Scott Linehan threw his offensive coordinator, Gregg Olsen under the bus to save his job, now he plans on starting an aging quarter with two concussions in another attempt to save his job.
    After finishing at 8-8 in linehan's first season, the Rams sank to 3-13 in his second season. Not willing to take the excuse of injuries, which the team had, he put the blame on Olsen' s play calling. Let me remind you, that Olsen called the plays for most of the previous season. If you remember, the team could not score a touchdown under Linehan's play calling. But none the less, Olsen's play calling caused the losses and that became Linehan's story. Why did that become his story? Simple, he had no answers for the injuries to the offensive line. Also, Linehan took over the play calling after demoting Olsen during the season. Now, let us look at this year.
     Well, Linehan can't find the reason for three losses, so now he puts the blame on the quarterback, Marc Bulger and benched for the game with the Bills. I am no Marc Bulger fan. He does have his share of blame in the three losses. So now, Trent Green will face the upsurging Buffalo Bills behind the same offensive line that protected Bulger so well.
     I wonder what backup plan Linehan has should Trent Green get knocked out of the game. I mean who would he put in the game Marc Bulger or Brock Berlin. Also, think about this, Bulger will still make his money while sitting on the bench.
    I believe that the players have given up on Scott Linehan and maybe even Jim Haslett. I do support the firing of both, and I feel it should be done now and not later. I also support Al Saunders as interim coach to ride out the season. When the season ends, Chip Rosenbloom should ask for the resignation of John Shaw and Jay Zygmunt. I believe when you do a total house cleaning, you start from the top and work you way down. At the end of the season, Rosenbloom can make decisions on coaching, player, and management changes. Chip Rosenbloom needs step up and take the lead over the direction of this team now not later.