Should Fernando Alonso Be Under Investigation After Corner Cutting?

Ryan WoodAnalyst ISeptember 28, 2008


Don't worry, Fernando Alonso isn't under investigation, but he would be if the FIA stewards had any consistency.

In the first corner at the Singapore Grand Prix, Nick Heidfeld clearly cuts the first corner and gains a place which isn't given back. This is the same for Alonso and Nelson Piquet Jr., who both cut corner one. This allowed Alonso to gain momentum to pass Jenson Button. The place was also never given back.

If the FIA were consistent, then Alonso, Piquet (who later crashed) and Heidfeld would have both received 25-second drive-through penalties, dropping them out of the points and gifting Rosberg the win, whilst Lewis Hamilton would move into second position.

However the stewards decided not to investigate, even though the "rule break" was spotted.

This echoes the FIAsco fans witnessed at the Belgium Grand Prix, were Lewis Hamilton gained momentum and passed Kimi Raikkonen, although Hamilton yielded the place back, he was still penalised.

Is this blatant FIA bias against McLaren again? This would have given Lewis Hamilton a nine-point lead and McLaren a four-point lead, as Heikki would have scored one point. Button would have also moved up into seventh, giving him two points.

Alonso even said that Hamilton deserved his penalty as he cut the chicane and gained momentum, which is how he passed Kimi. So does Alonso work by double standards?

**Added, after being pointed out by Peter**

Secondly, Massa has now received two different penalties for the same incident. Massa was handed a 10,000 euro fine in Valencia for 'unsafe release' and now he has been given a drive-through penalty. Inconsistent?

I don't want to take away from what was a fantastic win by the Spaniard, or the Singapore GP, but consistency and penalties need to be reviewed at the FIA.