Chicago Packers? It May Seem Too Bad to Be True, But You'd Better Believe It

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Chicago Packers? It May Seem Too Bad to Be True, But You'd Better Believe It
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It may seem like an oxymoron, but I assure you it is not.

The Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears have been bitter rivals since 1921 and have played one another 182 times, so it is absurd to think that there was ever a team in Chicago nicknamed the Packers.

It's as awful as having a team called the New York Red Sox, the Duke Tar Heels or even the Boston Lakers.

Both Bears fans and diehard cheeseheads probably want to vomit at the thought of any team's name combining the enemy franchises, even if it was over four decades ago.

Yet there was such a team in professional sports, and it still competes today, although it now has a more appropriate name.

It is amazing they even tried it out for a single season, because it sounds about as good as a glass of milk mixed with orange juice.

Fortunately, it only lasted one year before it was changed to the Chicago Zephyrs, and now the team is known as the Washington Wizards.

Yes, during the 1961-62 NBA season the Chicago Packers finished as the worst team in the league. Thankfully, they threw away their terrible title after a one-year tryout and now there is no longer confusion in the sporting world over such a contradictory nickname.





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