Kolo Toure Fails Drug Test, Suspended by Manchester City

Blue RooContributor IIMarch 4, 2011

A victim of a stupid mistake or something more sinister?
A victim of a stupid mistake or something more sinister?Michael Regan/Getty Images

Manchester City's Kolo Toure has failed a drugs test, testing positive to a "specified substance."

The first thing Kolo did was ring mentor Arsene Wenger for some advice and father-like care. Toure's adviser, as well as Wenger, has stated that Toure was nervous about a BMI (Body Mass Index) test because he was a few pounds overweight, so he turned to some of his wife's weight-loss pills. It turns out these pills contained a banned substance, though it is highly unlikely Toure knew.

The centre-back is an exemplary model player that has never done wrong in his career, so it is highly unlikely he has taken an illegal substance on purpose.

The International Anti-Doping Agency state that "specified substances are less likely to be related with doping incidents and more likely that of an accident." Whatever substance it was, Kolo has definitely not taken a drug to enhance his performance, nor has he taken a recreational drug.

Manchester City have suspended Toure from any footballing action until the case is solved.

Toure has one week to request to submit a B-Sample.

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