Should The NFL Allow Players To Be Reinstated?

Eddie RossellCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2008

We all know of the media debacle that was Brett Favre and his return form retirement yet again.The speculation, the waiting, the reinstatement. It all got annoying after a while.

Then there was Pacman Jones, oh I'm sorry, Adam Jones and his legal issues that had people up in arms about his possible reinstatement. With these things in mind I would like to propose this question to you: Should the NFL allow players to be reinstated?

His retirement speech was so touching and sad for everyone to watch and we all felt bad that Brett was done for good. Or so we thought. Then a few weeks before the beginning of training camp, he decided that he wasn't quite done.

I'm pretty sure you all know what followed, crazy media articles, constant talk about Favre, Brett even had his own category on the update bar on ESPN that displayed things like, "Brett Favre received a text message from the Packers" or " Favre will apply for reinstatement this week".

Really? he needed his own category. They couldn't just put him under the NFL section? I don't really think he should have even been reinstated once. If you say your done, your done, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Although I'm sure by now Brett knows how to convince the commissioner to let him play some more, he's been there before.

Then there's Pacman Jones. He was basically kicked out of the league for a while because of legal issues. He got in trouble with the law so i don't think he should be able to come back. Sure he is a good player but that has nothing to do with the fact that he made a bad decision. He shouldn't even be allowed to APPLY for reinstatement.

In my opinion it should have ended up a lot like Maurice Clarett. When's the last time anyone has heard about him. He got in trouble with the law, do you think he would have been reinstated by the league? Probably not, but it would be possible.

Now lets look into the future. When Michael Vick gets out of jail in a few years, does anyone really think he'd be reinstated by Roger Goodell. Absolutely not. And if he was, who'd pick him up.

Maybe a team like the Raiders or Miami, or maybe even a team like the Rams, all teams with real quarter back issues. But only a few teams would pick up a convict, ooh that means he could be picked up by the Cowboy, they've already got Tank and Pacman. Get the Trifecta by adding Vick. The Trifecta of Trouble, has a ring to it huh?

I'm just trying to say that if you decide your done, then your done. There's no turning back. I just get so frustrated when the media cannot stop coverage of players trying to get back into the NFL.