Did WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Dis System Of A Down?

Tim ListAnalyst ISeptember 28, 2008

The music message boards went crazy for former ECW Owner Paul Heyman's blog entitled AN AUDIENCE OF ONE, perhaps the most amazing inside look behind the scenes at the WWE creative process ever put into print.

The most vocal posters on the message boards are fans of System of A Down, which Heyman says he recommended to WWE for Wrestlemania one year, but no one knew whom he was talking about. It's really a very interesting situation, and the message boards have some great discussions going on about whether WWE can claim to be such a driver in pop culture when no one knew the then-Serj Tankian-lead band.
Check out the message boards at this link: http://www.reddit.com/r/reddit.com/comments/734dl/wwe_disses_system_of_a_down/ and don't forget to vote on the story while you're there.