NFL Week Four Predictions

Matt NewmeyerContributor ISeptember 28, 2008

I am sorry to all my readers that these picks are so late. I have been very busy lately making me unable to focus on B/R. I do not expect many people to read this, but I must get my picks out there anyway.

Last week I went 11-5, but there were a few games that disappointed me. One was the Patriots' loss—who could've seen that coming? Also, Chicago and Indianapolis lost late in their games after leading.

This deeply wounded my record for last week. This week I hope to improve. Here are the picks for week four:

Minnesota vs. Tennessee: The Titans are 3-0 and looking good. I believe the Vikings are not good enough with Gus Frerotte to win this game. Titans win.

Denver vs. Kansas City: Simple enough—3-0 beats 0-3. Broncos win easy.

San Francisco vs. New Orleans: Despite their records, I feel that the Saints are the better team in this game and will have an offensive explosion to win.

Atlanta vs. Carolina: Their records may be the same, but Carolina is a much better team. Look for the Panther defense to drive Matt Ryan crazy and win this game.

Cleveland vs. Cincinnati: Hooray! Someone in Ohio will finally get a win! I feel it will be a Browns team that is under a lot of pressure now. Look for Derek Anderson to step it up and win here.

Green Bay vs. Tampa Bay: Both teams are 2-1, but I think that the Bucs will step it up here and beat Aaron Rodgers. Look for a tight game, with the Bucs prevailing in the end.

Houston vs. Jacksonville: Jacksonville finally got a win last week in a gutsy performance. Look for it to carry over this week as they pummel the Texans.

Buffalo vs. St. Louis: Very simple. Again, 3-0 beats 0-3. Buffalo's game last week was surprisingly close, but don't expect it again. Bills win.

San Diego vs. Oakland: San Diego is coming off their beat down of the Jets. It will happen again this week as the Chargers will roll in Oakland.

Washington vs. Dallas: This game will be closer than most people expect, but the Cowboys just have too many weapons. Look for them to pull it out this week.

New York Jets vs. Arizona: This game is a must win for the Jets. However, the Cardinals are a better team this year than in the past. This game will be very competitive and I feel that Arizona will win at the Jets.

Philadelphia vs. Chicago: This will be a defensive game with not much scoring. I feel that this type of game favors the Eagles and they will win this game on Sunday night.

Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh: The Ravens may be 2-0, but they are not at the level of the Steelers yet. The Steelers will bounce back from last week's loss and win at home on Monday night.

These are my picks for week four of the season. Next week you can look forward to me making my picks with the spread. Thanks for reading, and good luck in your leagues.