Super-Lew-Glue: Out Now

Ryan WoodAnalyst IJune 9, 2016

Super-Lew-Glue the newest Championship winning device. Sticks fuel nozels and red cars with ease, no-fuss, no-mess.

Need to increase your driver's championship lead, well do it the easy way, with Super-Lew-Glue.

How to use: Simply remove packaging, sneak into a garage using stealth tactics, unscrew the Super-Lew-Glue nozel, apply a small pea-sized amount to the fueling rig nozel of your competitors team, sit back and watch as he drives off with the fuel rig snaking behind him.

Then why not add insult to injury, and applaud the Ferrari mechanics whilst they try to beat the recent 100-metre sprint record set by Usain Bolt?

If that's not enough, watch them as they struggle to remove the hose from the car.

How many Italians does it take to remove a fuel hose? Well with Super-Lew-Glue, it will take at least six Italian stallion-powers. (ISP)

You can find Super-Lew-Glue at all good retailers, from Wilkinsons to Harrods, priced at just £1 per tube.

*Super-Lew-Glue takes no responsibility if you accidently stick your eyelids or fingers together.