Black Ain't Your Best Color, Bulldog Nation

Brian TuckerContributor ISeptember 28, 2008

Nick Saban said it best when asked about Mark Richt and the Bulldogs “going all black” for the big game featuring then-No. 8 Alabama traveling to battle then-No. 3 Georgia in Athens:


“If you have to wear black uniforms and have your fans and supporters black out the stadium to get up for a game this big, then so be it.”


An Alabama strength and conditioning coach hyped up his players by telling them that Georgia was wearing all black to attend their own funeral! I knew Georgia was overrated, but with one of the toughest schedules in all of college football I was willing to wait it out, and, boy, was it worth it on Saturday night!


Georgia was punched in the mouth as Alabama rolled right over their little asses! Alabama, up 31-0 at the half, never really looked back and, despite playing ugly in the third quarter, Georgia came back with too little, too late.


Face it, Bulldog nation, Knowshon Moreno was a "No Show." Take the week off and get ready for the next one and, oh yeah, by the way, you can kiss that BCS national championship good bye!


Next time you wear black to a fight, make sure your team brings some real guns to the battle! Imagine this: USC, Florida, and Georgia all lose this week.