Wrestling Superstars and Their Identical Twin Celebrity

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Wrestling Superstars and Their Identical Twin Celebrity

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    The following list looks into wrestling superstars who resemble or have similar features to that of Celebrities outside the sporting world.

    I am sure you already know many of these, but for those who don’t I hope you enjoy it.

    Leave a comment or post some of your own Wrestling/Celebrity Twins in the comment section below.

John Cena & Matt Damon

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    Matt Damon is the star of such movies as The Bourne Trilogy, Good Will Hunting, and The Departed, all of which have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide.

    John Cena is a 10 time World Heavyweight Champion and poster boy for the WWE. Cena has also appeared in many films such as The Marine and 24 Rounds. While these films have not generated the same amount of money as Matt Damon's flicks, people still pay to go and watch their favorite Superstar in the big screens.

    Projected Similarity Score:

    Looks 8: Cena is definitely bigger and more defined the Matt Damon.

    Career 10: Both have achieved great success in their field of work.

Rick Rude & Tom Selleck

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    Tom Selleck is best remembered for playing the lead role in 70’s hit TV show Magnum P.I; he also played the boyfriend of Monica in the highly successful sit-com Friends.

    Rick Rude is a former IC Champion and one of the toughest S.O.B’s in the planet. Rude was feared by fellow wrestling stars, as he imposed his hand slap of doom to those who challenged him. It is said that Randy Savage once enlisted Rude as a bodyguard so that when they went out drinking to a local bar where NWA guys would hang out, none of them would touch them because they feared Rude and his hand that much.

    Looks 9: Their manly looks and facial hair made them look like brothers, however Rude’s impressive physique outshines Tom's any day.

    Career 7: Both very underrated in their field of work.

Kid Kash & Kid Rock

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    This one is an obvious one, seeing as how Kash’s gimmick was based on Kid Rock.

    Kid Rock is a Rock Musician who is perhaps most famously known for his sex video with Pamela Anderson. He also sang at Wrestlemania 25 prior to the Diva Battle Royal. He also sang the theme song of the Undertaker’s entrance during his bad ass days.

    Kash was notoriously known for during his time in ECW, and also captured the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship.

    Looks 8: Based on the gimmick.

Hulk Hogan & Dog the Bounty Hunter

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    This one may not be the bet comparison, but somehow I see some sort of resemblance between them.

    Looks: 6 I think we will need to look at some more pictures of the two men to make a final decision, but for now I will go for their facial hair, physique and hair, but mainly their attire.

Jeff Hardy & Vanilla Ice

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    Vanilla Ice is a Hip Hop star who rose to fame in the 90’s with his famous hit "Ice Ice Baby." He recently took part in the UK’s version of Dancing on Ice, but was voted off last week.

    Jeff Hardy is a former WWE, IC, Tag and the current TNA Champion. His daredevil antics and rugged looks have made him a popular figure with the ladies and even some men.

    Looks 8: While Ice does not posses Hardy’s rockstar hair, they do however share a likeness for tattoo’s, painted nails and clothing.

Goldust & Lay Gaga

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    Lady Gaga is a Grammy Award winning Artist. Her on screen persona is considered bizarre and eccentric by many people around the world, but it is her uniqueness that makes her one of the best selling female artists of all time.

    Gaga, meet your maker, Goldust is a former three time IC Champion and son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. Goldust is known as the bizarre one, due to his character and behavior.

    Looks 8: I think this one is more character and behavior then anything else, but their wigs are identical.

CM Punk & Jake Gyllenhall

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    Jake Gyllenhall is the star of such moves as Day After Tomorrow, Prince of Persia and Donnie Darko. Jake is one of Hollywood’s leading male stars.

    CM Punk is a former three time World Champion, IC Champion and two time MITB Winner, and is currently feuding with Randy Orton, with the two men likely to have an encounter at this years Wrestlemania.

    Looks 9: Judging from the picture they look identical, but Jake does not fall under the scope of CM Punks clean living, as he is known for having the odd pint now and again.  

Triple H & Sean Bean

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    Due to HHH's looks and physique, he is most notably known for looking like Marvel and Norse God character Thor. However due to his limited acting skills as a Hollywood ace, he was turned down to surprise the role as Thor in the latest film set to hit Theatres later this year.  

    As far as celebrities are concerned, Englishman Sean Bean is the most likely character. Besides the nose and physique, these two men are basically etched from the same stone. Sean has acted in many films, such as the Lord of the Rings, Silent Hill, Troy and many other blockbuster films.

    HHH is a former 13 time World Champion and the son in law of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Chris Jericho & Gordon Ramsey

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    Gordon Ramsey is a celebrity chef known around the world for his explicit mouth and amazing culinary skills.

    Chris Jericho is a former World Champion, IC Champion, Tag Champion and lead singer of the band Fozzy.

    Looks 9: Besides Chris Jericho’s youth, these two men are pretty much the same. They both have the same head shape and hair, also their lines on the forehead are very distinctive on both men.

Sting & Brandon Lee (Crow)

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    This one had to be noted due to the face paint, the hair and the resemblance of both men to the band Kiss.

    Brandon Lee is the son of Martial Arts Icon Bruce Lee, and was an established actor before his untimely death during the filming of The Crow. While Brandon does not look like Sting, it was the character he was portraying in the film that made his likeliness scream WCW/NWA Icon Sting.

    Sting only used the Black and White Pace Paint during a brief period in the mid 90s.

The Undertaker & Hugh Jackman (Van Helsing)

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    I really wanted to compare Undertaker to Solomon Kane, but I could not find picture of both men together, so I decided to go with Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Van Helsing as the more suitable comparison.  

    The main similarities are most probably the attire that both men wear; the trench coat; black gloves and hat are very similar to one another.

    However the hair and facial hair are also key aspects when looking at this comparison.

Bret Hart & Ozzy Osbourne

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    This comparison only reflects Bret Hart’s recent look, and not him as a whole.

    Both men are icon's in their respective industries. They both also share a rapidly aging face, a similar style pair of sunglasses and a very similar hair style.

Vince McMahon & Simon Cowell

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    Many people may not see this one, but after looking at this picture I could certainly see the similarities. Maybe it’s the distinctive hairline, or toned face?

    Simon Cowell is a media icon. His role and creation of Pop Idol, X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent have made him a mogul and will always be remembered in the entertainment industry.

    Vince McMahon is the owner of the WWE, a wrestling organization that has spanned over 60 years and is one of the most recognizable trademarks in the world today. Many great names such as Hulf Hogan, The Rock, HBK and Stone Cold Steve Austin have made names for themselves in the company.

X-Pac & A.J. from Backstreet Boys

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    This one maybe a bit controversial, but I just see some sort of similarity in both men. Maybe it’s the 90’s rugged stoner look.

    A.J. was a member of the 90’s Hit Music Group Backstreet Boys, who sold an astounding 500 million records worldwide.

    X-Pac is a former European and Tag Team Champion, and was also a member of the Kliq, D-X and N.W.O.

Dean Malenko & Bruce Willis (Die Hard)

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    I definitely see it. but I can understand if many people don't realize how similar this pair looks.

    I think you have to picture Dean Malenko when he was with the Radicalz, and Bruce Willis when he played the role of John McCain in the first two Die Hard films.