It's Opening Day, and the Gates Are Now Open...

Evan AczonSenior Analyst IMarch 1, 2011

And the first guy in line is way into it, decked out in full uniform. He says he's on the team. Says "Bruce" has him in the starting rotation. But you have it on good authority that someone named Bruce does not want this guy in the park. Do you let him in? Or do you tell him that his tickets are no good and send him to watch through the fence in the right field archways?

It's only fitting that the first post I choose to write on this blog is in defense of Barry Zito. If you've followed my writing at all, I'm pretty much due for one. It's been over six months.
Anyways, by now most Giants faithful have seen this select piece of journalistic detective work by Bruce Jenkins. I read this and laughed. A lot. And then I woke up from my dream within a dream, realized that this piece was actually published, and laughed some more.
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