Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva: Should the Fans Give up?

Jason SchielkeCorrespondent IApril 13, 2011

Fans have been foaming at the mouth for over a year about the dream matchup between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva—and for good reason. Who wouldn't want to see the two most dominant champions in the UFC go at it? But for some reason or another, there have always been road blocks that have prevented this fight from happening.

When St. Pierre was first asked about the potential super fight, he said that he would have to put on more weight, the weight would have to be put on the right way and it would be up to the UFC to make the fight. 

Then at one point in time, Dana White came out and said that the fight would happen once each fighter "cleaned out their divisions." Given the dynamic of the sport and its fans, there will always be a hot, up-and-coming fighter that could make a case for a title shot.

So could either fighter truly clean out their division?

At UFC 129, St. Pierre will be taking on former Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields. It has been reported that Anderson Silva will be taking on Yushin Okami at UFC: Rio. After those fights, can anyone think of another fighter who really deserves a shot at the welterweight and middleweight kingpins?

While there are some prospects, none have proven themselves worthy at taking on the champions. With that said, should St. Pierre and Silva win their next matches, it would be safe to say that they cleaned out their divisions—for a while anyway.

Then there is the ever-changing mind of Anderson Silva.

He has said that St. Pierre should take the fight at middleweight. He has stated that he would be willing to move down to welterweight to make the fight happen. The idea of a catch-weight fight has even been throw around.

But the latest news, according to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria, is should Silva defeat Okami, he will be moving up to light heavyweight. But with as much as Silva seems to waffle about his future, that statement should be taken with a grain of salt.

Also, St. Pierre recently spoke very highly about Silva. In one particular quote, he stated that he "sees no holes in Silva's game." Was St. Pierre merely paying a compliment, or is he trying to lay the ground work to avoid the fight?

Maybe it is a little bit of both. Silva has proven time and time again that regardless of your gameplan, he will find a way to beat you. Maybe St. Pierre knows this and wants to continue playing it safe for his legacy's sake. Only St. Pierre knows, and there hasn't been much word out of him lately that I know of.

With all that said, as much as I hate to say it, don't expect the mega-fight to ever happen.

But not because St. Pierre or Silva don't want it to happen—it makes no sense for the UFC to put it together.

Regardless of who would win, one of the promotion's top stars will take a hit when it comes to drawing power. I'm willing to bet that Dana White and the powers that be are not willing to take a short-term gain—in the form of one event with a huge buy rate—in exchange for potential longer-term losses.

What we will more than likely see is a move to light heavyweight for Silva and a move to middleweight for St. Pierre. By doing this there would be new-found competitiveness, and excitement, in three weight classes. If those moves don't happen, there are going to be six exciting divisions, and two very boring divisions.