UFC on Versus 3 Results: Diego Sanchez Snatches Victory With Sheer Heart

Leon HorneAnalyst IMarch 4, 2011

The Honey Badger has to be the animal equivalent to Diego "The Dream" Sanchez because both of these guys are fearless and relentless even if considered undersized. Some of you maybe laughing at the comparison, not knowing what a Honey Badger actually is, but watch the video below and the similarities are simply undeniable.

Fans in attendance at the Louisville KFC Yum! Center got their money's worth this Thursday night and fans watching on Versus and in 3D got their MMA fix for free! With six out of 11 fights ending in stoppages, this will go down as one of the more exciting free cards put on by the UFC.

In keeping with the status quo UFC on Versus 3 didn't finish without its controversy. The boo birds came out in full form when Mario Yamasaki stepped in to stop the fight between Mark Munoz and CB Dollaway. The technical knockout was awarded to Munoz.

Although it may have looked premature, on the replays Dollaway definitely looked out after the hammer fists of Munoz landed on the ground. UFC commentator Joe Rogan was quick to chime in, saying he felt that Yamasaki made the right decision in the heat of the moment.

Controversial stoppage aside the night wouldn't be complete without a controversial decision right? In the night's main event Diego Sanchez was looking to build some momentum by getting on a two-fight winning streak against Danish fighter Martin Kampmann. Kampmann, on the other hand, was trying to get back on the winning track after coming off a controversial loss to Jake Shields.

In the end, Diego Sanchez showed tremendous heart after taking a beating that had him bloodied and slurring his speech. Whatever hurt Sanchez sent him straight to the hospital post fight, but not without another "W" in his win column.

If Sanchez was so beat up by Kampmann, how did he come away with the victory? It's the type of situation where one would imagine that the "you should have seen the other guy" line would apply, but that certainly wasn't the case either.

Aside from a cut, a few bruises and a broken hand due to punching Sanchez, Kampann looked like a bona fide "Pretty Boy" in comparison to Diego.

So how could have Sanchez taken the 29-28 unanimous decision?

Kampmann clearly won Round 1, stuffing Sanchez's takedown attempts and landing big shots that had Sanchez wobbled.

Round 2 definitely went to Sanchez, despite him bleeding out of his mouth and having been abused by Kampmann in round one Sanchez showed what relentless pace and a lot of grit can do.

Sanchez pushed the pace in Round 2 and turned the fight into a brawl, backing Kampmann up against the cage and just unloading with flurries of punches. Sanchez looked like he landed more in round two and was definitely controlling the fight.

According to Joe Rogan, Martin Kampmann and the postfight analysts, Kampmann should have won Round 1 and Round 3 to win the fight. But it seems as though the Dane doesn't have the judges standing by his side as Round 2 and Round 3 had to have been awarded to Diego to warrant the 29-28 decision victory.

This writer felt that the fight was closer than fans and media felt. The fight could have easily gone to either fighter or even ended in a draw (another common thread in recent UFC history). Had Martin Kampann circled out as oppose to backing up against the cage in rounds two and three he probably would have easily won the fight.

Regardless of the outcome, these two men came to throw down for the fans and in a case like this it is a shame someone has to come out on the losing end.

This brings us to another point, bad decisions and early stoppages aside, it doesn't takeaway from the fact that the all the fighters came to fight tonight. At the end of the day great fights are what really matter to the fans of this sport.


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