John Morrison Will Not Have His WrestleMania Moment This Year

Jack WindhamAnalyst IMarch 3, 2011

John Morrison and Sheamus
John Morrison and Sheamus

John Morrison's name is going on the waiting list.

Every year, wrestlers hope to get that one moment that they will remember forever at the biggest wrestling extravaganza of the year. The former ECW Champion will not get his WrestleMania moment this year.

There were many who thought that Morrison was finally going to get over the hump this year and headline WrestleMania. With his former tag team partner carrying around the WWE title, many felt that this was the opening Morrison needed.

That wasn't the case.

Then, fans were hoping for a WrestleMania moment in a Money in The Bank match. With Morrison's penchant for high-risk moves, many believed that it would finally be the perfect setting for the moment to happen.

That won't be the case, either.

The latest word coming out of WWE is that Morrison is going to be thrown into a random mixed tag team match at WrestleMania. He's rumored to be teaming up with Kelly Kelly and Trish Stratus. Their opponents are said to be Dolph Ziggler, Layla El and Michelle McCool. The spotlight of the match will obviously be on Stratus more than anyone else.

Not exactly the right setting for Morrison to get his WrestleMania moment now, is it?


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