NFL Draft 2011: Mark Ingram Jr. to Miami Dolphins is Nick Saban's Parting Gift

Mark GainesCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2011

Mark Ingram Jr.
Mark Ingram Jr.Joe Robbins/Getty Images

With the results of the NFL's Combine behind us, most pundits and NFL Mock Drafts have Mark Ingram Jr. being selected 15th, by the Miami Dolphins. If this comes about as predicted, the Dolphins won't be sorry: Mark Ingram will bring great skills to the Dolphin's backfield.

Miami is in desperate need of a franchise QB, but with the 15th pick, it doesn't look they will get one this year. Selecting Mark Ingram will help their offensive woes and get a running game started for a team that typically scores through the air.

Now, Nick Saban, in his pro-coaching debut, had two unimpressive seasons with the Miami Dolphins. Despite stating numerous times he wasn't leaving, he abruptly left, albeit to take over the best college football job in the country.

Who can blame him? Dolphin fans, that is who!

But if Miami chooses Mark Ingram, Dolphins fans should let go of their hatred for Saban and instead reap the rewards of having an excellent coach in the college ranks, one pumping out running back machines for teams like Miami who need improvement on that side of the ball.

Mark Ingram will be the lone Alabama Alumni guy on the team. But with his impressive ability and his personality, which have made him a star in Alabama, he will surely earn a place in the City of Miami.

Alabama will miss him, but his future looks bright in sunny South Florida!