Age of Awesome: Just How Big Does WWE Plan on Making The Miz?

AmsterdamCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2011

Thirty days.

That's how long we have left to wait until WrestleMania XXVII.

And thirty days from now, the WWE Universe is going to find out just how big World Wrestling Entertainment plans on making thier current WWE Champion, The Miz.

When The Miz won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton back in November 2010, Michael Cole proclaimed his victory to be the beginning of an "era of awesomeness" in the WWE, and it wasn't just the heel commentator that used the phrase.

Indeed, World Wrestling Entertainment has also used "Era of Awseome" or "Age of Awesome" to describe The Miz's title reign, as if it's significance is much more important than previous title reigns before it.

You never heard WWE make a big deal when CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Sheamus, Jack Swagger, or Dolph Ziggler won their first world title (although Ziggler is understandable).

And another thing that sets Miz's first world title reign apart from his recent predecessors is that he is the first world champion to defend his first world title at WrestleMania in six years. The last WWE Superstar to do so was John Bradshaw Layfield in 2005, who dropped the WWE Championship to none other than John Cena. The rest is history.

The irony about this situation is off the roof.

Not only is JBL the man whose loss started the era of John Cena, but he is also infamous for being The Miz's biggest critic during the early part of the latter's career. The Miz has also been similarly booked to his former backstage bully - that of a cowardly heel that rarely gets a clean win.

But it seems as though lately, WWE is phasing The Miz out of being a chickensh!t, and into a full-fledged main-eventer than can win cleanly.

The most recent examples on Raw are his clean victories over United States Champion Daniel Bryan (the guy who Miz could never seem to beat), and over WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel (breifly becoming a tag team champion with John Cena  in the process).

Even though The Miz is finally winning they way he should, most fans aren't noticing it.

The reason? Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has returned to World Wrestling Entertainment.

It seems as though ever since The Rock returned, all the focus has been on the verbal battle between him and John Cena, with The Miz coming off as an afterthought.

This reality has merged into kayfabe, as The Miz has taken notice of his lack of spotlight.

In fact, The Miz has gone onto say that at WrestleMania XXVII he will not only beat Cena, but that he also attack The Rock.

That's a pretty big statement, even for a megalomaniac. But is there a possiblity that it will happen?

Has anyone ever thought that maybe WWE is deliberately making The Miz an afterthought? Is it not possible that WWE knew The Miz would be a third wheel if The Rock were to come back and confront Cena.  With almost zero focus on the WWE Champion right now, everyone is focused on The Rock and Cena, and nobody is believing The Miz could pose a threat at Mania.

Right now, Cena vs. The Miz seems predictable: Cena is going to beat The Miz and become a ten-time world champion. But as I said in a previous article, that outcome is so predictable, its too predictable.

We all know at this point that The Miz is on his way to becoming a permanent main-eventer. But the question is, how big is he going to be? Is he going to be just a main-eventer, or is it possible that he may end up the main-eventer?

The Miz has not been given the same treatment of Sheamus and Jack Swagger, who have both fallen back into the mid-card after a failed quick push to the top of their respective brands. This is a guy that WWE has been building for years, and may have always had a plan for.

If WWE planned on having The Miz end up like his predecessors, there is no doubt in my mind that instead of facing Jerry Lawler, Miz would have entered the Elimination Chamber and his title reign would have ended there.

In professional wrestling, you always have to expect the unexpected. So if you expect WrestleMania to be all about Cena and The Rock, and don't expect The Miz to come out on top over both men, think again.

Because I have the feeling that the WWE Universe is in for a big surprise at WrestleMania. The Miz vs. Cena may not be just a singles match, but a passing of the torch match as well. In an event that features the former face of the company and the current face of the company, WWE may reveal to everyone who the next face of the company is going to be.

And if he is who I think he is, the next face of the company is going to be...awesome.