Knee Jerk Reactions: Minnesota

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Knee Jerk Reactions: Minnesota
¬ First things first, the score was far closer than the actual game. I thought Ohio State took command from the very beginning and that had a lot to do with Pryor and Beanie making the entire team believe things were changing for the better.
¬ Delta Dental Smile Cam? Really? Are we playing AA baseball now?
¬ I am sure plenty of people will disagree with me, but I think Pryor was the best player on the field today. And, I am not just saying that because Beanie has been injured. Pryor appears to be one of those rare recruits that fulfills his hype right away.
¬ I am not sure what happened to me, but all of a sudden I find myself really pulling for Ray Small. That was not always the case. Maybe it is because I am growing weary of the other WRs or just want to see him fulfill his promise, but I really felt badly for him today when he dropped that ball.
¬ I may hate many things on the scoreboard, but I like that Ohio Stadium Moments. They are done well, relevant, and not kitschy.
¬ I could not figure why Mo Wells was out but I heard Tressel say that he had a back issue.
¬ Please, please, please - NO MORE OPTION! It worked once today with Herron and it was because of a blown defensive assignment.
¬ I may be wrong about running Beanie from the Shotgun. After seeing him break on up the middle and hurdle a Gophers defender I am changing my tune.
¬ I said it before the game, but Donald Washington needs to play more. He did not see a ton of action, but he had an interception and I noticed other nice plays.
¬ This was the second straight game where Jenkins had a pass interference penalty as a result of not turning to look for the ball. He is an amazing cover corner, which makes it all the more surprising that he would fail to turn around when he is in great position.
¬ From where I was sitting there seemed to several questionable spots of the ball. Did that come across on television?
¬ Curtis Terry switched to #99 this season after being #55 in previous years. I find that odd because Ohio State retired #99 last year in honor of Bill Willis.
¬ I am not piling on Boeckman, but I could not figure out why Tressel brought him in during the third quarter. I think Pryor and Wells should be playing together as much as possible to get into a rhythm for the rest of the season.
¬ I have no legitimate basis for this, but I want the old huddle back. Pryor seems to have innate leadership skills and I think the entire offense would benefit from being in the huddle with him instead of glancing at the sideline and studying their respective wristbands.

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