Thoughts from a Crazy SEC Saturday

The Dead Guy SECAnalyst ISeptember 27, 2008

This may just be the Fat Tire talking, but:

* When healthy, Ole Miss may have the best defensive line in the SEC. They ended up with seven TFL this afternoon and basically wore Tebow's jersey for him all day long.

* Urban Meyer is a very good coach, so far be it from me to question him, but that last possession seems like it could have been handled significantly better.

* Houston Nutt may not be the best Xs and Os guy in the world, but the man can motivate his players. He's won two road games at top five opponents in his last six games coaching.

* It's a damn good thing Auburn's defense is so good.

* Things are getting ugly in Knoxville. Barring a remarkable turnaround, I don't see how Fulmer's back next year. Even with last year's extension, the natives are getting a wee bit restless.

* No way Tommy Bowden is back at Clemson either.

* Arkansas is just plain bad. Any game they win the rest of the year is an upset.

* South Carolina won again but only put up six points in the second half against a UAB team that was shredded by the otherwise inept Tennessee offense. Garcia played well at times, but you gotta believe that more points should've been put on the board.

* Georgia really was going to a motherfarking funeral.

* Georgia's receivers drop the easy balls and make the spectacular catch. It's uncanny.

* Alabama's getting my No. 1 vote in next week's SEC Power Poll.

* How much money did Croom pay Bob Davie to continually wax poetic about what a great coach Woody McCorvey is?

* LSU's disinterest and lack of effort in tonight's game cost them some "style points" later on in the season.