WWE: Is It a Foregone Conclusion That Cena Will Beat The Miz at Wrestlemania 27?

Bryan FloryAnalyst IMarch 3, 2011

For starters, let's review the past six Wrestlemania matches John Cena has had:

Wrestlemania 21: Cena defeats JBL for the WWE Championship

Wrestlemania 22: Cena defeats Triple H for the WWE Championship

Wrestlemania 23: Cena defeats Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship

Wrestlemania 24: Randy Orton defeats Cena and Triple H for the WWE Championship

Wrestlemania 25: Cena defeats Edge and the Big Show for the World Heavyweight Title

Wrestlemania 26: Cena defeats Batista for the WWE Championship

And now we have:

Wrestlemania 27: Cena vs. the Miz for the WWE Championship

It is remarkable that John Cena has been in a heavyweight championship match at Wrestlemania for seven consecutive years. Every match Cena has ever been in at Wrestlemania has been a championship match (remember Cena vs Big Show for the US Title at Wrestlemania XX).

Given the "Super Cena" gimmick that all of us in the IWC love, how is it possible that WWE creative has not been able to build one storyline for Cena not involving a championship?

Granted Triple H has seen a similar run of championship matches going back all the way to Wrestlemania 2000. Only Wrestlemania 17 (vs the Undertaker), Wrestlemania 23 (injured), Wrestlemania 26 (vs Sheamus), and this years battle with the Deadman have not seen HHH compete for the title, but at least it was not every single consecutive year.

Why wouldn't creative attempt to take the Cena vs CM Punk feud from the Royal Rumble to Wrestlemania and then give someone like John Morrison the chance at the gold?

Well I think the answer lies in the booking of this year's Wrestlemania. Several articles have been written and multiple sites are reporting that the card is pretty much finalized. Not many matches jump off the page at you as exciting, especially given the elimination of the MITB Ladder Match. Most WWE Insiders probably feel that Miz/Morrison would not be big enough to draw huge PPV buys.

And now is the time that many of you will say, "But if they booked Cena vs. the Rock, everyone would buy that." Yes, of course they would. But as is well documented, the Rock has no desire to return to physical action. Consider how much the Rock would lose credibility wise if he returned to action. In our minds, we would love it, but the mainstream America that doesn't watch wrestling would once again refer to him as a wrestler, not an actor.

With all this said, it would be nice to see the Miz hang on to the belt because I think he needs it to validate himself as a main event superstar. Without the title, he could go the route of Jack Swagger training Michael Cole or Sheamus getting buried deeper and deeper by the second (Evan Bourne, seriously?).

John Cena does not need the WWE Title to stay in the main event picture. Have the Miz win at Wrestlemania, face Morrison possibly at Extreme Rules (good spot PPV for Morrison to win), then have Cena go back to feuding with CM Punk. Keep both of those feuds going until Fatal 4 Way, where you could have Miz, Morrison, CM Punk, and Cena compete for the title. Then decide from there who you want to be the champion.

If you have built up the Miz this long as champion with dirty win after dirty win, what way to put him over even further, than with him defeating the biggest superstar in the company on the grandest stage of them all.

But if history is any indication, John Cena will walk out of Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion, leaving the IWC pissed as usual.