WWE WrestleMania 27: 10 Reasons Why HHH Must Not End the Undertaker's Streak

Cec Van Galini@@MJA_GalbraithAnalyst IIIMarch 4, 2011

WWE WrestleMania 27: 10 Reasons Why HHH Must Not End the Undertaker's Streak

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    Picture Courtsey of wallpapers-wrestling.blogspot.com
    Picture Courtsey of wallpapers-wrestling.blogspot.com

    Some had speculated it as a match for WrestleMania several months ago. Some suggested that Shawn Michaels would be involved. And it seems that barring any major swerve, this match is now a lock for WrestleMania XXVII.

    In theory Triple H should have faced Sheamus whilst the Undertaker should have faced Wade Barrett, and yet those creative angles will for the foreseeable future remain unresolved.

    For many wrestling fans, the legacy and career of Triple H is controversial. Questionable angles, degenerate behaviour, favouritism, multiple titles—the question for some is whether he deserves the praise.

    The streak is supposedly the last prize.

    This slideshow presentation will however highlight 10 reasons why I feel that the Game, Cerebral Assassin, the King of Kings, Triple H should not end the Undertaker's streak.

1: If Shawn Michaels Could Not End the Streak, No-One Should

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    I must confess that I am in the camp of people who believe that the streak should never end. It is an amazing achievement and reflective not only the power of the Undertaker, but an example of how glorious wrestling can be when it gets it right.

    Last year, it was bittersweet. Arguably the greatest threat to the streak was vanquished, but the career of Shawn Michaels came to an end. 

    From that defeat came the idea that if Mr. WrestleMania, Shawn Michaels, could not end the Undertaker's streak, then no one could. And I stick by this statement. Perhaps someone like Bret Hart in his prime, but there is simply no wrestler active and in his prime capable or deserving to defeat the Deadman at WrestleMania.

    Triple H for me simply has not done enough to warrant this amazing accolade.  

2: Is There Any Justification for This Match?

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    Other than vanity and perhaps in revenge for Shawn Michaels' retirement, what reason does Triple H have for going after the Undertaker?

    Surely the storyline was set for the Game to return and face Sheamus. After all, Sheamus supposedly put HHH on the injury list for a year. Triple H has a duty to Sheamus and wrestling to help his protege, and yet by ignoring him on his return other than that squash attack last week, he is putting himself first.

    Maybe it's a reflection of how worried the WWE are about the streak match and its premier event that they have to bring out a big name for the marquee match. John Cena and Randy Orton could not take bullet, so it's left to Triple H.

    With only a month to go before WrestleMania XXVII, has this storyline got enough time to be built up properly? Are we fans going to get short changed by a hastily put together event?

    Time will tell.

3: If He Loses Now, Then the Undertaker Will Surely Retire?

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    Triple H and the Undertaker are veterans. But given their history with injuries, it will surely be the Undertaker that is closer to natural retirement. Lose at WrestleMania XXVII, and what more can he do?

    By contrast, Triple H has several more years to go and has many different angles on which to base his final years in wrestling. The streak accolade adds nothing to his resume because he will be guaranteed a main event place until he retires. Rivalries with Sheamus, John Cena and Randy Orton are always there.

    Losing to the Undertaker does not mean retirement for Triple H, it does for the Undertaker. A revenge match a year later still only adds up to 19-1. And what kind of legacy is that?

4: Does Triple H Deserve the Ultimate Prize in Wrestling?

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    World titles, millions of dollars, world tours and international recognition. Ending the streak is on par with any of these. And to date, it's only the latter that eludes Triple H.

    Accusations of favouritism and undeserved pushes lead many to think that Triple H has elevated himself beyond his natural ability. Is it right to rank Triple H above the likes of Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Randy Savage and even the Undertaker in terms of world titles and success?

    I, for one, have always felt that Paul Levesque gained a lot via his contacts rather than his ability. He has many attributes, don't get me wrong, but like so many others before him, it's who you know that is most important.

    Triple H winning the streak match propels him to superstardom and above all others. He would become the ultimate superstar, and is he really deserving of this?

5: Match Quality

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    As popular and decorated as he is, Triple H is not on par with Shawn Michaels. Some have spoken of his aggression, but what can Triple H do to triumph where many have failed?

    The nature of WrestleMania XXVII will be different to those of the previous two years. We cannot see the Undertaker kicking out of the pedigree and for it to have the same effect. So maybe this year's affair in order to generate interest and originality may need to take on a more aggressive and hardcore element.

    Think of two mighty warriors battling it against one another to the point where neither has anything left. Then and only then does a finisher occur and the match ends.

    If the WWE tries to replicate the Shawn Michaels match with a simple substitute, Triple H should not even get close to ending the streak. He isn't as good an entertainer or performer.

    If he is even justifying a match, never mind a victory, Triple H must bring something to the ring that we haven't seen before, and that will be difficult.

6: Do We Already Know the Result?

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    If rumours coming out of Connecticut are true, and that Triple H will retire after WrestleMania, is the result of this match a foregone conclusion? If so, what does it offer the wrestling world?

    Of course, wrestling knows how to throw a swerve, and the rumours may be unfounded. Triple H still has many years left in theory, so those rumours may simply be to distract the Internet community. And yet what if it is like last year, where many knew that Shawn was retiring and hence was going to lose?

    Is Triple H simply seeking the limelight one more time before he retires, and simply copying his friend rather than doing it originally? What's worse, will he retire after WINNING the match? That surely would be the worst result of all.

    This is perhaps an argument as to why the match should not happen at all, but if Triple H is about to retire, and the Undertaker has ambitions for another year, then only a Taker victory makes sense creatively and in respect to the streak's legacy.

7: New Blood, New Generation

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    One of the biggest arguments against Shawn Michaels, and now Triple H, is that the streak should only end if it begins a new era. Losing to a veteran may produce one good night, but not 10 years worth of a new generation.

    Is there anyone present in the WWE that fits this bill of being young, athletic and capable of properly ending the streak? Some might say Alberto, but I cannot see a situation that would allow him to beat the Undertaker fairly in a match. The same applies to Randy Orton, John Cena, Daniel Bryan or Sheamus.

    The reality is that the WWE is making each match at WrestleMania a feature match, and there will be no more "A-Train or Mark Henry" matches. It is a main event match now. Younger athletes would get squashed and older wrestlers have nothing to gain, so is the streak safe?

    Triple H gains nothing by winning, or put another way, wrestling gains nothing by his victory.

8: How Fit Are the Undertaker and Triple H?

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    The Undertaker has seldom gone into a match recently at peak condition.  Injuries have been the bane of his recent year. So to put him in the ring with someone who has not wrestled in a year is surely a massive gamble, right?

    Triple H will surely lace the boots up before then, perhaps at a few house shows, but to have him in the main event with the Undertaker is a massive risk. If either were to aggravate their injuries during the match, then the entire streak could be undermined by a very weak, unplanned finish.

    Imagine if Triple H was billed to win and gets injured. There is a real possibility that the Undertaker would have to put him over, despite the Game looking visibly weak. Remember Orton when he put his shoulder out? The conclusion to his match with Edge simply ended on a double countout.

    I suppose the same argument could be used against the Undertaker, but putting Triple H into this match, and potentially giving him license to win, is a risk. If he were to win, he should win after a hellacious match, and there is no one who can guarantee at this point that Triple H is 100 percent.

    Again, this might be more of an argument against Triple H competing in the match at all, but if he was booked to win and gets injured, it makes a mockery of the end, where the Undertaker would have to simply roll over.

9: Shawn Michaels Factor: Would He Really Help Triple H?

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    Certainly one of the big questions regarding this match is firstly whether Shawn Michaels will be guest referee, and secondly whether he will get involved.

    It will be booked in such a way to make us think of many different scenarios. Shawn will at some point make a return to the ring, perhaps the Raw before WrestleMania. He has already given an interview supporting Triple H.

    Now imagine WrestleMania XXVII with the streak on the line, only to end after DX gangs up on the Undertaker, leading to a Triple H win. Not only would many wrestling fans take exception, but the legacy of Shawn Michaels would come under threat.

    His retirement last year put him in a very select group of wrestlers who went out at the top. Coming back a year later to help Triple H end the streak, in a match that cannot surely top his match at WrestleMania XXVI, just looks weak.

    Triple H cannot win via a dirty finish for the sake of the streak and of Shawn Michaels' career and legacy.

10: The WrestleMania Streak Moment

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    To finish, perhaps the most obvious reason why Triple H should not end the streak is because we would no longer get to speculate, report and enjoy the streak match. In an instant, the whole concept would disappear, and the Undertaker's career at WrestleMania would be gone.

    It may not necessarily end in retirement, but the Undertaker's career would be on a slippery slope, he would simply not have much to wrestle for, other than perhaps revenge.

    The WrestleMania moments are priceless. The blue and white lights, the Money in the Bank match, the big fight feeling, the Title changes, the massive crowds and the Undertaker.

    Wrestling needs the streak, it needs tradition and history. Lose the streak and we lose part of the magic of WrestleMania.

    Triple H must lose if we are to continue this amazing streak and amazing piece of sporting history.

And So...

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    I have always argued that the streak is the Undertaker's unofficial title belt. Compared to Triple H, the Taker has not got anywhere near the proper recognition in terms of titles, so maybe this it the means by which he gets it?

    Many want a perfect 20-0. Two decades of perfection.  Twenty years of sporting greatness. And it must come. To come this far and lose to someone who themselves will surely retire soon, is simply not the way to end a piece of wrestling history.

    Even the biggest Undertaker marks, would have begrudgingly given Shawn a victory last year out of respect, but given his loss and retirement, I do not think there is anyone left who warrants to end the streak.

    Triple H should be yet another name and representative of 19-0.

    What do you think? Should Triple H win? Should the Streak Continue or is it time to end it?

    Hope you enjoyed this slideshow presentation and as always I look forward to your views and comments.