SLAM: Bynum Back On Track

Clublakers.comAnalyst ISeptember 25, 2008

Missing a large chunk of any season because of an injury is never a good look. Missing more than half of a season in which your team made it all the way to the finals just flat out “sucks.” The case of Andrew Bynum, the Laker big man who missed 47 games over a knee injury last season, was made more disheartening by the fact that the 7-footer began making the serious strides scouts thought he would.

SLAM recently caught up with Bynum, who was in Cali preparing for the start of training camp.

SLAM: So tell me, what was your off-season like?
Andrew Bynum: The off-season was pretty cool. We actually did a lot of things. We started with the track every morning, then we went to weights, then we went to basketball. We did that for about a month and a half straight down in Atlanta. And before that, obviously, I was in rehab in New York City with a guy named Bob Panerello, who does great work. And, you know, I’ve just really been trying to get my knee right.

SLAM: Do you feel you’re going to be 100 percent to start the season?
AB: Yes. I’m going to be, probably, 110 percent, cause we’ve just been working hard. I can jump an inch higher than before. It feels great, actually. I think it might even be stronger than before the surgery cause we were actually able to focus strengthening the leg, which is something I’ve never really done before. So, the surgery went well, and I think I’m 100 percent.

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