Once again we flatter to deceive

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Once again we flatter to deceive
I'm writing immediately after the Hull result. A crushing defeat as we come crashing down to earth. Our second loss of the season, and I'm really gutted, I really am. Ahuge dose of reality we received today after all the lofty remarks all this past week.

If you had a read of my post leading up to the game, you would have noticed that I was confident of getting the result, but not completely convinced of the consistency of the team. We are capable of playing the most dazzling football of anyone on the planet some times. Granted we can't do this week in week out. But we atleast expect to get the result, something this team has shown it can do. Actually I really think it's consistency issue. If we can go to Bolton, our bogey team and get the result, almost against the odds then it's not really personnel problem is it?

We weren't good enough for all three points today and that's exactly how our luck would have it.Credit to Hull though, they were organised, tough to breakdown and took their chances when presented to them.

I think we have a decent enough squad. I really do, maybe we need a DM, but that's it by my book. This team has really played some superb football this season, but they are given to off days. Case in point being this Hull game and the Fulham game our two losses this season.I don't think it's personnel

This result is the impending bubble burst. Maybe I saw it coming, maybe we all braced ourselves for when the bubble would burst. We had another good start to the season, barring Fulham of course thus far. But I still had a sneaky feeling that we still would come up short to the high standards that the premiership displays these days. This post is not meant to be an " I told you so". I think it was just an opinion that was held by some proportion of the Gooner population.

So this brings us to some really poignant question. Is the team good enough to compete for honours? I know I've said we don't have a personnel problem. What I mean is that the players are good. But do they have what it takes to mix it with the Chelskis and Manky Shites of this world. Do we have the tenacity and mental tougness to put in consistent performances week in week out. I'm not completely convinced. No I am not.

You could look at the table and say, oh we are just 2 points off the leaders at the moment. But we need to take into account that the games we have were with all due respect against the " lesser lights" of the premiership. You look at our run in pre-season and you went " oh that will be 18 points then thank you". But that's when reality comes to bite you back in the arse. As it stands we have already dropped 6 out of a possible 18. Will this be good enough to compete for the title this season. I don't think so, but I sure as heck hope so.

Is this loss suprising? Yes. But it still was on the cards. Rather it happen now than later on in the season.

Very raw post from me.. but there you go.

So long

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