Why TNA Will Never Beat the WWE

gambit aierContributor ISeptember 27, 2008

TNA wrestling...I've heard a lot of good stuff about this show...how it is better than the WWE. But when I started watching it,it made feel embarrassed that i was a wrestling fan. I mean most of the matches were interfered and the gimmicks were so stupid that it was not funny. As far as I see it, the WWE is way ahead of TNA.

Let's start with the knockouts: They were said to be the best thing in TNA, making them get very high ratings, but the divas seems to be more athletic (and hotter) than the knockouts. Yeah, they may have all those cage and ladder matches and be more respected than the divas, but the divas put on a better match, they are proving time and time again that they are more than just pretty faces.

The diva roster also seem to be improving. Presently, all of them can wrestle pretty well (including Kelly Kelly) and there hasn't been those lingerie pillow fights so I guess it won't be long before they are in the same level as they were back in 2003-04.

Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix will be more entertaining than an ODB vs Roxy match...and if it is entertaining then I'm happy.

Next is the X-Division: Does this X-Division include the Guru, mighty Eric, and the Curry Man? Wow...TNA really knows how to ruin a great division.

I don't know what they are thinking making these great athletes wear those stupid costumes and make them look like complete idiots. Have they already forgotten Christopher Daniels or the early Jay Lethal? From what I heard, it was the X-Division that made TNA famous. Their matches are also becoming quite boring. I remember earlier when I used to watch their matches, I didn't blink my eyes because I didn't want to miss a single move.

Also, the present champion, Sheik Abdul Bashir (used to be Daivari in WWE) doesn't deserve the gold, he wasn't a good wrestler in the WWE and didnt get much better in TNA but they still have some nice wrestlers like the Motor City Machine Guns, Consequences Creed, Petey Williams (I really hope he lose that stupid Scott Steiner gimmick).


Next up is the tag teams: I guess here TNA wins over the WWE. TNA has tag teams like LAX, Beer Money, while the WWE is stuck with team Priceless and the Major Brothers..they really suck as champs..Miz and Morrison was probably the best tag team in the history of WWE and they didn't even get a rematch..tsk,tsk..

But WWE is starting to pay more attention to the tag teams..many new tag teams like the Colon Brothers, Cryme Time has surfaced and also with the addition of present tag teams like Jesse and Festus, Miz and Morrison etc..it wont be long before the WWE takes over this division too..n I'm praying really hard that Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne become a team.

And finally the heavyweights:what do I say when i see some washed up WWE rejects dominate over there in TNA...plain boring..TNA is making a big mistake by not letting their originals shine...n right now they seem to be pretty high on Kurt Angle so i don't see where they will go when he leaves TNA next year.

  i may sound like a person just kicked out from TNA..but that's just my opinion....many people keep saying that TNA will be in the same level with the WWE in the next few years but i don't think they will ever reach that high..not even when pigs learn how to fly...